What Is In That Bag? Things Every Girl Requires In Her Prom Purse

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Prom night is a big deal for any lady, and your accessories are just as important as your dress. The correct purse can make or ruin your entire ensemble, especially when it can hold so many crucial stuff within!

Your pals and their dates have gathered for a photo shoot. After that, it’s time for dinner and dancing. You’ve chosen the ideal gown, had your makeup applied, and your hair styled!

Your appearance is flawless, and you’re ready to turn heads and have the fun of your life. But, before you leave, don’t forget to pay attention to one very crucial detail. Choosing the ideal prom purse.

Think twice about what you’re going to put in your purse on prom night if you haven’t given it a second thought. Tonight, the cute little clutch you chose will be performing some heavy lifting. Its contents must help you last from dinner at 6 p.m. till breakfast at 6 a.m.

It will keep you going for the rest of the journey. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to write this helpful guide to purse packing. So keep reading, plan ahead, and take the night by storm with everything you’ll need on hand.

The Basics

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To begin with, always keep a purse in which to put your cards.  In addition to the necessary items you carry (i.e. driver’s license, credit card, cash, school ID, etc.) you should include things such as your prom tickets and any required attire you will be wearing for the night out. It will be nearly impossible to get past the security with out these items.

Carrying enough cash that you can cover your school’s prom dinner on its own would be a good idea. Additionally, you will want to be prepared to pay for any incidental charges that may occur on that evening. Alternatively, this could consist of a taxi fare or photographs.

Please throw in an extra $50 for the possibility of an unexpected expense. If you are paying for dinner with a large group, you’ll definitely want to take cash. For formal restaurants, it may be a hassle for the waitstaff to split the bill eight ways so that everyone pays with a card.

The last bare minimum that you should include in your evening bag for prom is your phone. You should make sure the device is fully charged before you leave the house. When it comes to conserving energy, put your phone in airplane mode.

In airplane mode, you can still take photos of yourself and your friends. If you’d like to upload your images, you should turn on briefly before doing so. If you’re in the middle of an important activity, you’ll have conserved enough energy to use your phone.

To bring a battery or a charger with you to make sure you don’t run out of power is another alternative. That may be the last thing you want to do with your prom bag as it is a bulky item

Body Fuel

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Not everyone realizes that prom lasts for a long time, and there is a lot of dancing and partying. Even when you work up a sweat while exercising, you’ll probably still be hungry afterward. Make sure to bring some fuel for your high school prom night to help you remain cheerful and energetic.

The following can be useful:

Some sort of snack bar or two – have an energy bar in addition to a granola bar to make up for the carbs in the granola bar. Sustainable energy boost that keeps your blood sugar steady is provided by protein. Carb-heavy bars cause you to have an initial surge of energy and then experience a crash in sugar levels.

To help boost energy and stay on your feet when fatigued, taking a B vitamin supplement is an effective choice. If your body works well with the B12 shots, the same applies. If you begin to get drowsy, you can make use of one of these to help you stay awake.

Another method to help you stay awake and alert after a long night of partying is to add a vitamin C packet (like Emergen-C, or Airborne) to a cup of water and drink it around midnight. Germs are also less likely to get you sick because of this, so it’s a win-win situation.

A Touch Of Make-up Kit

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In preparation for your prom night makeup look, you’ve already spent a lot of time and money. Consider bringing a mini makeup touch-up kit in your purse to ensure you’re always well-groomed. By keeping your face flawlessly makeup-free until the early morning hours, you will prevent having to makeup your face in the morning.

Makeup and cosmetics to keep in your prom purse:

  • Mascara to keep those lashes fabulous and full of volume.
  • Foundation-matching concealer! Pimples will be covered up all night long thanks to this treatment. Without foundation and translucent powder, your makeup will lack that nice flawless look.
  • Oily skin is prevented from becoming blotchy and shiny by using blotting pads to soak up excess oil and keep skin and face flawless and matte.
  • If the lipstick is too drying on your lips, you should have some Chapstick on hand.
  • For when you dance a lot and sweat off your eyeliner or eye shadow, eye makeup remover wipes are ideal. The only thing worse than raccoon eyes is running around in the heat, leading to more raccoon eyes. To remove the excess from under your eyes, simply wipe away with eye makeup remover wipes. Refresh your look by reapplying some mascara, and you will be good as new in an instant.

Stain Extraction Kit

Taking the time to remember to pack the items you need to effectively treat a stain is half the battle. It’s always good to include the following in your prom purse:

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  • CHALK-The most common form of formal dress stain comes from eating foods. When you have a small amount of chalk-colored clothing, it can quickly soak up the oils and color the stain to prevent it from spreading. Next, use your napkin or the hem of your dress to mop up any of the gravy or sauces. Finish blending the chalk with your dress until it is more difficult to notice. White and light-colored dresses look best with this. You’ll get different results depending on whether or not you can match the color of your dress with the chalk that’s available. Plentiful colors can be found by hitting up a Toys “R” Us store and snagging a large supply of sidewalk chalk. This will allow you and your closest friends to each choose the chalk color closest to their respective prom dresses, and each of you will carry a small bag of chalk as you walk to the event. Visit www.amarra.com and check some amazing prom dresses.
  • SALT-The salt packet is especially helpful in absorbing liquid stains because of its ability to absorb color in the liquid. To apply, simply pour the mixture on top of the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, and then brush it off.
  • STAIN REMOVAL WIPES-When prom night rolls around, toss a tidy little to-go wipe in your purse to remove stains. Stains, including lipstick stains, usually respond well to these cleaners.

Here are a few final tips:

Congratulations, as you have made it all the way through this lengthy book. You will have packed and prepared your prom‘s perfect evening bag. To be prepared for all of the evening’s events, you’ll want to take a larger-sized bag with you on prom night.

An additional change of clothes and shoes are definitely a must if you’re going to a casual prom after-party. Enjoy!