Things Movies Always Get Wrong About Gambling and Casinos – 2024 Review

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Casinos are a subject that many movies tried to cover. Many of them did well, but many more failed miserably. Viewers love to watch films about gambling. They are just so fitting, there’s someone, just as us, betting on his future against the odds, and winning. What else can you ask for? All of us could do this with a bit of luck under the shiny lights of a casino.

While some of us might succeed, it won’t be anything as the movies show it. The real-life gambling is something entirely different. There’s a chance of winning, but there’s an even bigger one you’ll get disappointed. Below we have six things movies always get wrong about gambling and casinos. You’ll find them interesting the same as we did.

There are no Severe Penalties for Cheating

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This is a relic of the old days when you could be heavily punished for attempting to cheat in a casino. A few decades ago, there was a chance you could end up in the ER or buried somewhere in the desert if you believe the urban legends. We are talking about the days when most casinos were led by mafia bosses or Las Vegas heavy hitters.

Luckily the days when people mentioned above, executed revenge on those who tried to cheat are no more. Today, things are done a bit differently. No, cheating is not allowed; it’s just that it carries smaller risks if you consider getting criminal charges a lesser likelihood that is. Anyway, if you are not a cheater, but think you could do a trick or two, try out

The Safeguard Won’t Beat You For Counting Cards

In most movies about casinos and gambling, there’s always this one gambler who has its way with a casino by counting cards. These people usually are on the brink of winning millions before they are interrupted and beaten by a safeguard. Now the films are not staying true to today’s reality when they depict a situation like this.

First of all, you can count cards up to a degree, but this method probably won’t allow you to win millions. Second of all, the Safeguard is there to ensure everything is in order in the casino and that there are no incidents, not to beat the players. There won’t be any aggressive behind the back attack on you in a casino even if you get caught counting cards big time.

There Are no Coolers in a Casino

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Have you seen the 2003 movie which goes by the name: The Cooler? It’s about a cooler played by William H. Macy. But first, we should ask if you are familiar with the term cooler? It’s a person who is employed by a casino to sit at the tables where sits a player who is on a winning streak. Their job is to end this streak.

This workplace relies on the theory that this person is going to cause the lucky player to has this luck turned upside down. Yes, we get it, it makes no sense, but yet some people still believe in this. Yes, there’s a chance that when a new person sits at your table that you’ll start getting lousy luck, but by no means, this should signal to you that he’s a casino employee.

Yes, It’s Possible To Cheat in a Casino

We’re not pushing you to try this at home or in a casino, but it’s possible. You can try and succeed to cheat in a casino. The security in a casino is at the highest possible level. This is something you shouldn’t forget. In most cases, those in charge of casino security will catch the perpetrator. Rare are those who pulled a casino heist.

But, if you put time, money, and effort into carefully planning a scam and be willing to execute it despite the risks, you can come out victorious. Many have tried and failed, but there are success stories. Anyways you’ll need a ton of luck to pull something like that. So, don’t do it and good luck.

Mafia Does Not Own Casinos

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This motive has been shown in too many movies. It gets especially dark in a movie Casino, directed by Martin Scorsese, which hit the theaters in 1995. Because of films like this one, people started to believe that the owner of a casino is a mad mafia boss, who will not shy from even killing someone. Yes, in the past, casinos were run by the mafia, but for money laundering purposes.

Today, this is no longer the case. In modern society, people in business own casinos, and the government has high control over them. People in charge of today’s casinos run charity organizations and are engaged in philanthropy. You won’t encounter mafia during a blackjack party, worry not.

The Gambling Rules Are a Bit Different

You saw people in movies, putting one coin, and winning the jackpot immediately. It happens because the machine was pointing out that you can bet whatever you want and win straightaway. That’s not precisely like that. Not even close. Even machines have specific sets of rules that are not easily overcome.

It’s even worse when a player walks into a casino and puts a bet on the table without saying a word. Before you sit at the table, you need to know the minimum bid. Furthermore, you can’t put a single chip and win every pot on the table. Real-life gambling is much more about rules than the movies love to show us.


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As you can see, real-life casinos are a bit different than what you have witnessed in the film. We’re sure you are glad they are this way as you can gamble while being relaxed and not in fear someone will come and throw you out for alleged cheating. After reading this article, be sure to share with us your thoughts on the subject we covered, and tell us if we missed something. There are many movies about casinos, it’s possible we haven’t seen them all.