Complete Guide About Format and Tips to Pass the SIE Exams

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Who else doesn’t want to score high grades in SIE exams? Almost every financial advisor wants to hit the target. So, what’s the catch? How are you going to do this?

Well, answering all your questions is quite simple: following the plan to pass the exam. Yes, work smartly and prepare yourself for SIE exams by following some tips and tricks to help you achieve good marks.

Now you might be thinking where you can find the expert tips to pass your FINRA examination then we have also solved your problems because in this article you will get detailed knowledge about SIE exams including different tips and tricks that will help you to achieve good grades in the SIE exams and pass all the 75 questions and ten other questions too.

We will mention all the possible tips, and that will assist you in the right direction. We will also discuss different SIE exams courses provided by various online websites such as, mometrix, or Wall Street.

You have to grab your pen and notebook to mark the critical points that you will get here in this article.

Before digging deeper, if you are not entirely aware of SIE exams, let me break you down through the entire yet shorter overview of the SIE exams and their format.

SIE exams

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SIE is abbreviated as security industry essentials exams established and conducted by the FINRA (financial industry regulatory authority). The exams are held to provide the license to the financial security investors or candidates who want to become investment advisers.

If you want to be the one who rolls other investments into big numbers and wants to gain the trust of your investors, then you need to pass these exams. Through these exams, you can get the necessary knowledge about the security market. You can attempt this SIE examination without any sponsorship from any brokerage firm.

If you enroll and attempt yourself in the SIE examination, it is valid for four years. The primary essential purpose of this test is to secure the rules, policies, investor assets, monitory firms, offering, and market transparency. Through this test, the examiner wants to choose those candidates who secure the industry structures, terminologies, products and maintain the industry reputation, development, rules, and regulations.

The FINRA discontinued the exams in 2018, which was incorporated by decomposition of its previous test series 42 and 62. They believe that through passing these tests, they can be introduced to compatible and trustable financial investors in the market to whom people trust with their financial decisions.

After discussing this general information related to SIE exams, let’s overview the format of SIE exams. Then, at last, we will discuss the article’s central part, which is exciting passing exams tips that we will convey to you.

Format of SIE exams

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Total 85 questions that you have to attempt in this test and the entire 1 hour and 45 minutes you have given to perform this task. Seventy-five questions are the main questions. You have to attempt ten additional questions, predominantly which are added according to the SIE module, and these ten questions wouldn’t affect your scores either. It was just added only to check the credibility and evaluating capabilities of the opponents.

The four segments are explained below;

  • Segment 1; the first section is related to Knowledge of Capital Markets that weightage 16 percent in the SIE exams and 12 MCQs are added in the test.
  • Segment 2; the second section is related to Understanding Products and Their Risks that weightage 44 percent in the SIE exams, and 33 MCQs are added in the test.
  • Segment 3; this section is related to Understanding Trading, Customer Accounts, and Prohibited Activities weightage 31 percent in the SIE exams, and a total of 23 MCQs are added in the test.
  • Segment 4; this section is related to the overview of the Regulatory Framework weightage 9 percent in the SIE exams, and a total of 7 MCQs are added in the test.

Essential tips to pass SIE exams

Passing an SIE exam is not that hard if you pay some attention to your preparation time. You can easily do this, so the following are the tips that you need to add while preparing for the exams.

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Start preparing at the right time.

You need to start the preparation before the 4 to 6 weeks of the test because if you start earlier, you will forget the previously learned topics. If you begin preparing late, you might skip learning essential topics, so always pay importance to the time, be consistent throughout your preparation, and first cover crucial topics.

Make an action plan

You might notice whenever you enroll yourself in any SIE preparation course. The trainers will make an action plan based on a step-by-step procedure that you need to perform to get maximum grades. It is a pretty simple and easy action plan based on four resources that you have to accomplish.

  • Textbook to provide you an overview of the test but remember to get the concept out of the text. No need to memorize the whole text.
  • Video lectures and live training give you an understanding of the questions and existing situations.
  • Break down questions to evaluate the critical thinking credibilities.
  • Collect accurate information that is provided by most of the SIE courses.
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Practice the resources

The more you practice, the more you get the confidence and power to think critically and lead profitable solutions of the case study or real-time situation. This statement is entirely accurate in that practice gives you maximum outcomes.

Repeat the process

Last but the tiniest tip is to repeat all the practice processes until and unless you think that you have accomplished the course a lot of time.

Final verdicts

IF you read this complete guide and start preparing according to it, we will assure you that you can achieve maximum scores in your SIE examinations.