Tom Brady Has An Embarrassing Moment During Golf Match

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Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson took on the likes of Peyton Manning and Tiger Woods in a charity golf game on Sunday and it became one of the most talked-about subjects on social media. In the end, Tiger and Manning were able to win the competition and donated a lot of money to charity.

Image source: Golf Channel

While Brady struggled to make key shots, he also appeared to struggle with his wardrobe. At one point during the match, Brady bent over to take his ball out of the cup and ended up splitting his pants right in front of the camera. The hilarious accident was heavily discussed on social media and after the event, Brady made sure to make a joke saying “Pants wanted in on social distancing I guess.”

At the end of the day, these things happen although usually, not for millions of people to see. Either way, when it comes to his rivalry with Manning, he has 6 Super Bowls while the Colts-Broncos legend has two.