Top Innovations that Can Take Your Game Play Experience to a Higher Level

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The gaming industry has come a long way ever since nuclear physicist Edward Condon created a type of computer that people could use to play the very first digital game recorded in history called Nim. It became popular during this time even if the game was designed for the computer to win 90 percent of the time.

Indeed, this was the start of many innovations to have people enjoy playing games through a device or console. It was in the 1970s, however, when the first video gaming console was made available to the market.

This was the time when arcades became popular and Atari 2600 and Intellivision were the leading gaming companies back then. In the early 2000s, this was when online gaming and mobile games became prominent in the industry.

Nowadays, there are many gaming companies out there that continue to strive and develop the industry. The demands of gamers are ever changing and these companies have the need to be innovative to be able to survive the market.

With these demands, many innovations are now in place to take the gaming experiences of many to a higher level. Here are some noteworthy innovations that are seen as what’s dominating and could be the future of the gaming industry.

  • VR and AR technologies

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In 2016, Oculus Rift was first released to the market and this piqued the interest of many gamers. Even if both AR and VR technologies have been around for a long time, it was just really in that year when consumers started to appreciate both for gaming.

Many sectors of the gaming industry are already making use of the technologies to better the experience of gamers. Some of the most popular 2019 games that use the VR technology are Space Junkies, Everybody’s Golf VR, and Trover Saves the Universe.

When it comes to Augmented Reality, games like Pokemon Go, Ingress, and ARZombie are the popularly downloaded ones. Right now, AR technology is mainly popular with games that can be downloaded on smartphones, but VR devices are now being developed alongside it.

  • Cryptocurrency Gaming

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The rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin mainly peaked in 2017 when a Bitcoin was made equivalent to over 20,000 US dollars. With that happening, many industries started to use cryptos in transactions, and this includes the gaming industry.

Crypto gaming is mainly popularly used in casino gaming online. Many online casinos now accept this as a mode of transaction or payment. published a story that online casinos may eventually stop taking credit card payments and focus or shift to Ewallets and Bitcoins.

This could eventually be the reality for online transactions as the use of cryptocurrencies have a lot of benefits. Primarily, security is what cryptocurrencies are good for. Blockchain technology allows every transaction made with cryptos recorded and available to everybody.

When it comes to its users, many players prefer using this as a mode of payment to remain anonymous. This is why many gamblers or punters prefer this. It makes them feel safe to transact and play their favorite casino games online.

  • Wireless Technology

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Part of being a gamer is having to deal with numerous wires. However, many gaming companies are now looking at solutions when it comes to this. Going wireless can be something that gamers can eventually completely do with their consoles.

Right now, connectivity and controllers are already made wireless. For PCs, computers and keyboards are already wireless. However, many players still prefer using wired devices as it is believed that the response rate of such gadgets is better.

That can be true for some, but such issues are continuously improved by gaming devices manufacturers. Most recently, wireless charging is becoming big in the smartphone industry. It won’t be hard to imagine that many popular gaming consoles will eventually follow.

  • Streaming

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When scrolling through Facebook or many other social media platforms, it’s just the norm to see that there are players who are streaming their games. Watching players stream the games that they play is now labeled as backseat gaming and it has gained quite a following.

YouTube initially had channel owners that would upload Let’s Play content or videos. Popular YouTubers like PewDiePie, Cryaotic, and Gaming with Kev became some of the names that are known when it comes to this.

Eventually, many gamers and backseat gamers turned to Twitch. Twitch is also a video streaming site, but it mainly focuses on gaming videos. Streaming games isn’t really just a form of entertainment anymore. Many gaming companies also see this as a good strategy to promote their products.