Top 7 Business Topics to Write a Research Paper On

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Are you struggling to come up with ideas for a business research paper? Don’t worry. You are in exactly the same boat as a lot of students. This is why we put together this page. We wanted to give you a few ideas, which would either be the research question you are tackling or will stimulate other ideas so you can come up with something a bit more unique.

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Businesses that failed to go international

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This is an interesting question to tackle. As you may know, there are some ‘massive’ companies in your country. However, outside of your country, they may not be very well-known. There are plenty of companies who have tried to take their huge business international and then failed to accomplish that. In this research paper, you can go through these companies. Talk about why they may have failed.

Women and Business

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There is a lot that you will be able to discuss in this research paper. You may want to talk about the rise of female entrepreneurs. You may want to talk about how certain companies may not quite be as accepting as others when it comes to allowing women in higher positions in the workplace. You may want to talk about the differences men and women have to face when it comes to tackling the corporate ladder.

The Rise of Start-Ups

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This is a research paper that could not have been written a few years ago. It is only recently that technology start-ups are starting to take the world by storm. Not all of them are making money, though. Talk about how some start-ups are nothing more than ‘idea companies’ with the intention of selling on to a far larger business. You may want to talk about how difficult it can be to put together a start-up company in this day and age. You may even want to talk about the various sources of funding that start-ups can obtain. Talk about how most of these companies are going to end up failing, or about how easy it is to attempt to access the market. This is a fantastic research paper, and there is a whole treasure trove of information out there for you to discover.

How is climate change impacting business?

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Climate change is huge right now. It is now more important than ever to try and do something about it’, and a lot of people are placing the burden of dealing with the problem on companies. Talk about how the world of business is changing due to climate change. How the types of products and manufacturing processes have had to change. You may even want to talk more in ‘general terms’ about how the PR and marketing for various businesses have had to change too.

The Importance of a Healthy Corporate Culture

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This is an interesting research paper idea because it will allow you to discuss the psychology of doing business too. An interesting comparison here will be to pick a company that operates both in the United States and in Europe. You will find that the corporate culture between the two economies is wildly different. Find out about general happiness in the companies as a result. If you can’t do that, then look at corporate culture as a whole. Does a competitive environment lead to more money? What about staff turnover? Is that impacted by the environment? You may even want to see whether it impacts overall motivation on the job.

What makes a good manager?

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Lots to talk about here. Discuss research into the psychology of choosing a good manager. The qualities that certain people have in order to ‘make it to the top’. You may even want to discuss a little bit about why these people are so good at making companies successful…even if some of the traits can often be seen as ‘negative’ traits.

The impact of tariffs on a business

Talk about how tariffs may impact a business looking to start to deal with another country. You may also want to focus on companies that may benefit from tariffs. Does it help or hinder an economy? Are there any ideas that could eliminate the need to have tariffs in place?