Things to Know Before Visiting Ethiopia

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Ethiopia has plenty of surprises for visitors. East Africa is becoming an emerging destination for travelers with a variety of landscapes, from Gheralta Mountains to gorges of the Simien Peaks, Jungle and Omo Valley’s colossal river.

You will need time to explore the historical beauties of Ethiopia. For this reason, apply for VISA for Ethiopia to explore tourist locations. To inform yourself better, you can check EthiopiaeVisas. The history of Ethiopia is rich and long with impressive topography. By visiting this place, you will be able to understand their customs and lifestyle.

Remember, it is a developing country, so signs of poverty are visible everywhere. They have their own lifestyle and customs to measure wealth. For instance, cattle and goats are a measure of wealth for Omo tribes.

A person with 300 goats is the richest man to pay a hefty dowry for the marriage of this daughter. He can choose a member of the high-ranking tribe for his daughter. Here are some unforgettable places to visit in Ethiopia.

Marvel at Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches

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Northern Ethiopia has Lalibela town to dub the “New Jerusalem”. This place is vital for Orthodox Christians. The city has almost 11 ancient monumental churches carved out of a rock with chisels and hammers. At 40 feet high, Saint George’s (Bete Giorgis) is an impressive church with a roof. You can notice a cross shape at the ceiling.

Across the road from St. George, Bete Medhani Alem church is a large church in the world. King Lalibela is a famous name behind these buildings. These spectacular buildings are a part of UNESCO’s world heritage.

The heat of the Danakil Depression

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Ethiopia in the Northeastern part has the hottest destination. The temperature of this area soars to over 50 °C in summer. Dallol is located in the hub of depression. It features glorious polychrome landscapes and salt mines to give an impression of a beautiful art book.

The Danakil depression is famous for Erta Ale (an active oldest volcano). The bubbling lava from this massive volcano and unbearable heat makes this place a perfect doorway to hell.

Simien Mountains National Park

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For a great trekking experience, the Semien highlands (Roof of Africa) can be an ideal place. You can notice 1,500 meters high cliffs in this beautiful park. Ras Dashen is the highest point in this country.

You must not miss the UNESCO world heritage locations, such as the Gelada Baboon, the Walia Ibex, and the Ethiopian Wolf. These serrated mountains boast 180 birds and three prevalent plant species. You can view a vulture with 2 meters of wings and endangered Lammergeyer on the skies of Ethiopia.

Lake Tana Monasteries

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The old island cloisters around Tana are enthralling to explore. This largest lake of Ethiopia allows you to explore the historical treasures, such as mummified remains of Daga Istifanos’s emperors. He was the founder of Gondar, King Fasiledes.

More than 900 years old Debre Marima is the adjoining monastery to dar city Bahir. Lake Tana and the Blue Nile surround this beautiful monastery. Remember, some island cloisters are particular for males or females.