Traveling With Babies Made Easy: 6 Tips To Remember

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Are you planning a fantastic getaway with your family? Is this your first trip with your baby? Well, do not fret. Traveling with kids might seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Being prepared and knowing what the journey is going to be like can make things a lot easier for you.

From how to pack to when to board, here are six tips that can save you from going insane and make traveling with kids a memorable experience.

Take It Slow

Gone are the days when you could rush through the airport and make use of all shortcuts to board your flight last minute. Now, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let others rush around you. When traveling with kids, everything can take longer than expected, so you have to leave buffer time for everything and reach the airport early.

You will not want to miss your flight because it took you 20 mins extra getting through security. “TAKE IT SLOW,” and this doesn’t apply for arriving at the airport before time, it applies to all parts of your trip.

Do Not Overpack

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To make your baby feel comfortable, you might think packing everything kids use at home is the best bet. But that’s untrue. Since you will have to take care of the kids’ 24*7, it is not a wise idea to overpack. You can consider of buying the suitable carry-on baggage. You can check it online on sites such as Chester Travels where you can find the one (or more) suitable for your travel needs.

Almost everything that your kid might need can be bought abroad. So, travel with as much less luggage as possible. Traveling itself makes most people tired, and when you have kids with you, extra baggage only means sore arms and frustration.

Many airports allow baby milk to be carried in containers over 100 ml, so pack baby milk bought from stores such as BritSuperstore (known for the most authentic baby food products all over the UK) and keep your baby happy.

Book Hotel Wisely

When your flight finally lands, you will want to go straight to your hotel, get kids to sleep and relax. That said, you should know which hotel you are staying in, even before you start your journey. When pre-booking your hotel, make sure you choose family hotels that are kids friendly.

When traveling with kids, you must prepare everything beforehand, but if you want a bit of flexibility in location, book a place for the first two nights, and finalize a place to rest, when you arrive at your destination.

Plan Flights Around Bedtime

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Book your flights around bedtime. The journey will be more comfortable when the kids are asleep. Although evening flights can cost you much more than day flights, if comfort is what you are after, the former one is the best bet.

If you are taking a connecting flight, make sure you leave plenty of time for your layovers and research about the connection airport. The last thing you want is to spend hours at an unfamiliar airport. Pack kids’ toys and snacks so that they can ease during the flight.


Prepare an itinerary. Make sure you have planned your days so that you don’t have to think about visiting places after you reach there. To make everything easier for yourself and your kids, research about the destination and local laws.

Some places are OK with breastfeeding in public, while others say it’s completely illegal. When in doubt, google it.

Board Last

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When traveling with kids, it is better to board last. If your kids are traveling by air for the first time, they might feel restless onboard. So, if you don’t want to be stuck on the flight with more than 30 minutes left before it takes off, take our advice and let everyone board first. Besides, make sure you do the last washroom around before boarding. Airline toilets are small and cramped, so it’s best to avoid them when possible.

Final Thoughts

The biggest tip of all time when traveling with kids is to KEEP CALM.

Traveling with kids can be stressful, but try not to lose your calm. Everything might not go as you imagined, but trust me when I say this; the joy and excitement on your kids’ faces will be worth it.

From food to sightseeing, everything will be a new experience for them, so even if you happen to face a little inconvenience, do not worry.

Lastly, follow these tips mentioned above to make traveling with kids hassle-free.