5 Mix-Matching Secrets on How to Look and Feel Amazing

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Fashion is a complicated mnemonic of expressing oneself through clothes. It is a language that everyone speaks but only a few values. A lot of people would deny that they know fashion or that they do fashion. However, even the combination of a plain white shirt, a pair of jeans, and old sneakers is already fashion.

This common styling phenomenon is a daily expression of how we feel or what we want to be. Most of us might not admit it, but your styling sense profoundly affects your emotions.

A simple hoodie with a comfortable pair of pants gives off warm security around an individual. It may also indicate that you are not up for a strenuous and active day. Noticeably, introverts are often attracted to hoodies with dull colors. Meanwhile, extroverts are frequently portrayed with vibrant and light-colored tops.

Some say fashion is hard, but in reality, fashion is non-discriminatory and easy to understand. For starters, here are 12 tips to help you know the basics of mix-matching. At the end of this article, you’ll find doing your own “fashion” is just as easy as pie.

1. Know your Skin Undertone

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For starters, knowing your skin tone is a basic essential. There are mainly three skin undertone categories grouped under warm-tone, cool-undertone, and neutral-tone.

Geographically speaking, most light-skinned Europeans fall under the cool-undertone skin tone. California girls who enjoy tan skins fall under the warm-tone category. People who are somewhere in between are neutral-toned individuals, mostly people from Northern Europe or Northern Asia.

The point of skin tones is it makes your color coordination easier. When you are with the appropriate color for your skin, you can glow brighter and more energized. Here are a few things to consider to know your skin undertone category.

  • Warm Tone

A warm skin tone is identifiable with veins that are in a shade of blue-green. Blue-green veins reflect under the light of an olive and yellowish colored skin. Most individuals who have been under the warm skin tone category are usually in tropical countries. South and Southeast Asians fall under the warm skin tone classification.

This type of skin tone is the best skin to portray the autumn look. Because of the olive-like color of warm skin tone people, they shine brightly with gold jewelry and red accessories. No wonder, a red dress paired with a red lipstick would make them look popping.

  • Cool Undertone

People would say that cool undertones are the opposite category of warm tones. While that is not entirely wrong, it is not necessarily correct either. Individuals with visible purple or blue veins are characterized under cool undertones. Although most people with cool-undertone are Europeans, Asians can also fall under this category.

If you have a peachy and purple-ish complexion, you can fall under the cool-undertone category. A cool-undertone type of person can enjoy the peak of their beauty during the winter season. Colors of gray and white paired with silver jewelry can make them look so stunning.

  • Neutral Tone

The final skin tone category is the neutral tone which may be hard for some. People who have neutral tones are those mixed up between being a warm tone or cool-undertone. It gets confusing for individuals who are in this situation since they are the ones in the middle. But being a neutral-toned individual is very beneficial.

A neutral tone character is not limited to having a golden hue or peachy hints. The natural skin tone is more evident, and they are stuck with both colors of veins – blue-green and purple ones. While it gets confusing to identify neutral-toned individuals, they are the ones with the most choices in terms of mix-matching.

Since neutral tone is the category stuck in between the warm and cool undertone, you can basically wear an autumn theme color or a winter fashion and slay it. Your jewelry wouldn’t have to be limited to gold or silver because both colors can make you look good.

2. Know color coordination

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Color coordination is the backbone of every fashion style. Knowing which color goes well with the other color is your key to not being a fashion terrorist. Every single color in your wardrobe can make or bend your mood for the day.

Colors, in general, have different meanings, and they may induce various emotions. For a little fun fact, restaurants use the colors yellow and red often because these colors can cause a feeling of hunger.

Understanding the color theory is an edge for those who have learned it. But this lesson is a complicated one and may not be friendly to general audiences. The basics of color-coordinating involve dark and light color schemes. Technically, when you wear a light top, you can pair it up with a deeper shade of skirt or pants.

It is also cute to wear clothes of the same family colors in different hues. For example, a purple-blue necktie will go decent with a pastel purple inner dress shirt. This basic mix-matching tip will save you from all the wardrobe mishaps that you might have in the future.

3. Know the Fit-to-Lose Rule

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After knowing color coordination, another rule that you should know is the fit-to-loose rule. Every outfit stands out with the right pairing. This rule will help you figure out how to wear your favorite cargo pants, and how to pair them up the next time.

The point of fit-to-loose is pairing up an article of tight clothing with a loose one. For example, you can wear a loosened printed shirt over tight skinny jeans or a pencil skirt. Wearing baggy pants with a fitting shirt, crop top, or halter-backs is also very cute.

This rule would not only emphasize and boost the shape of your body but would also make your outfit pop out. If you are more confident with your upper figure, you can opt for the tight-upper and bottom-loose outlay. If you are more satisfied with the lower half portion of your body, then you can totally slay the top-loose bottom-tight style.

4. Know Your Spirit Fashion

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From simple shirts and jeans to avant-garde fashion, every wardrobe has a specific theme. Just as every skin tone matches a particular season, every personality can bloom the brightest when they know their fashion spirit.

Each of us has a unique taste. Some of us are comfortable in the winter season, while others enjoy the heat of summer. Just as we differ in that sense, we can also vary in fashion preference. Although fashion sense is extensive and vast in nature, we can narrow down the categories to four main fashion themes.

  • Earthy Musk

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Earth musk is a famous fragrant theme. While it’s renowned among types of scent, the earth musk fashion spirit is also a thing. People who fall for the Coachella fashion and the different themes of brown paired with boots and cute bonnets fit in this theme.

Staple clothing wears for those possessed by the Earth Musk fashion spirit includes brown boots both ankle-length and knee-high types. Jeans will and always be favorites paired up with a cream-colored top. To complete the look, finish it off with a trench coat.

For the Earth musk spirit, autumn is the best season. The bonnets, boots, and coats will do you the beauty trick. During summer or hot days, you can enjoy a light patterned dress with a pair of gladiator sandals, and you’re ready for a party. Colors of orange and brown are the best colors for this spirit fashion.

  • Floral Fairy

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Still staying close with nature, a much more feminine fashion spirit is the Floral Fairy theme. If you are obsessed with daisies, sunflowers, roses, lavender, and just anything botanical, you will have a soft spot for this fashion theme. Bright flowy dresses are the main topic for this theme. Any clothing that seems to be friends with the wind is a staple clothing for this type of wardrobe.

The free-spiritedness of the fairy should be visible in the clothing line. In this case, flowy maxi dresses and maxi skirts are must-haves. Off-shoulder tops of colors pink, green, and white decorated with small flower patterns are essential. Make sure you also have a pair of cute light-colored flats, flatforms, and gladiator sandals.

Summer is the best season for the floral fairies. The sun, the beach, they all speak of a carefree spirit. During the winter season, a floral dress would look cuter over some plain coats. Maxi skirts paired with a plain black sweater and ankle boot would also save you from fashion terrorism and the cold.

  • Nude Professional

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While the first two categories are for individuals who are in love with intricate designs, a more formal fashion theme is the nude professional. And as the section spells out, the wardrobe of someone who is under this influence would be filled with cream-colors, white, and black.

Pencil skirts, black stilettos, and suits are necessary items. The power of the nude professional fashion spirit lies in the authority that the clothing line offers. This authority is not intimidating because of the creme palette that dominates this fairy.

Cream-colored coats, white tops, and black jeans paired with black stilettos will never be a mistake. Light pink blazers and blouses are also additional members of this family.

The nude professional spirit isn’t picky when it comes to seasons. Trying to win winter? Grab those khaki trench coats, cream-colored sweaters, white pants, and black boots. Worried for summer? A light pink or nude color tank top with white shorts and gladiator sandals is a good choice.

  • Black and White

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Black and white never gets old. It’s the most basic fashion color theme and the hardest to mess up. When in doubt, pulling off a black and white outfit is a life-saver. This theme is so versatile that you can enjoy its color scheme in both formal meetings and after-parties.

Needless to say, you have to own black and white to qualify for this spirit. Loose shirts of the stated colors are the most essentials. It’s also securing to hold onto black pants, black leggings, and black skirts.

When pairing things up, it would always look cute to alternate colors. A white shirt, black pants, and white shoes will always be a classic look. Black stilettos and white doll shoes are also essential footwear. Hoodies paired with gray leggings and white rubber shoes can be part of this fashion-theme.

During winter, black tops are more optional since it absorbs more heat. Summer days can be spent with white shirts and denim shirts. One fact that black and white fashion theme points out is that playing with colors is also essential to help survive a few degrees higher or lower.

5. Collect Accessories

People take accessories for granted. What such people miss is that accessories can be very impactful. The type of watch you wear with your suit and tie or gym outfit can make a different vibe. The right hat can make an entire costume difference. Small accessories such as bracelets, anklets, and a pair of earrings can mend aura as a person.

While there are tons of accessories that you can enjoy, the three main accessories that you should have are, namely: hats, watches, and bracelets. These three are the basic ornaments that every individual already has or must-have. These three, although minimal, can make or bend your whole character expression.

  • Hats

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Back in the 16th and 17th centuries, hats were essential fashion items. It is the social status bearer in those days – it’s like the iPhone of the old times. However, due to practicality, the fame of hats died down.

In modern times, hats no longer bear social status. Everyone is no longer obsessed with the idea of getting the finest hats. But even when that is the case, hats remain as one of the essential accessories to date.

Apart from the fashion support that this headgear can provide, it is inevitable to note that a hat is an indispensable protective gear against harsh weather. Since you are going to use it for protection, why not be protected while being stylish?

The primary type of hats that everyone should have are ball caps and bonnets. You can match ball caps with casual wear, not to mention they protect your face from all those sunburns during summer. Bonnets, on the other hand, can be your favorite autumn and winter buddy.

When wearing hats, remember to as much as possible coordinate the colors of the clothing and the theme. Ball caps would look good when paired with plain shirts and denim. Men also look dashing on a sweatshirt, jeans, white shoes, and a color-coordinating ball cap.

  • Watches

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Another accessory that not many pay attention to is the watch. A watch is a very crucial accessory as it not only completes the look but also states something about your personality. Research has it that most individuals who wear watches look better than those who preferred not to wear one.

According to watchshopping.com, a simple classic watch or a fancy watch can bring some difference in your whole look. People of fame, royalty, and of high importance always wear a timepiece around their wrist. Perhaps one point in nobility fashion is that time is of the essence to them. While that remains true, such fact tells something about your personality.

A  time-conscious man can be subtly perceived as someone who is in control of his schedule — someone who knows what he wants and when he needs it. Realistically, it always looks fancier when you check a classic watch than relying on your phone.

In your collection of accessories, make sure that you have a couple of watches intact. A classic looking watch that you can rely on the go like the OMEGA Seamaster watch of James Bond will never be a mistake. While we want a wide array of choices, a versatile watch that can fit with almost every outfit will always win the fashion competition in your wardrobe.

  • Bracelets

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People of all gender, color, and race needs a couple of bracelet collection with them. From Coachella parties to casual everyday fashion, bracelets are necessary pieces. Even before the time of civilization, wrist accessories have been with men.

The thing with this hand accessory is that it can boost your outfit from one fashion genre to another. In an instance where an individual is wearing a classical watch, topping it up with a dark-colored braided bracelet would accentuate the clock.

Silver watches would be an excellent pair of black bracelets. Gold timepieces would be better off with brown wristbands. Keeping a couple of metal or rope bracelets in your drawers will save your typical fashion. Even when with a plain white shirt and a pair of jeans, you’ll look different when wearing the perfect bracelet-watch accessory match.


Although these fashion tips are highly recommendable, it doesn’t have to rule out everything. You can pair a loose shirt with baggy pants or whichever creativity suits you. Any rules do not limit fashion. Standards inspire fashion to break them and get out of the usual box.

You are your own fashion. The most basic concept to fully express yourself in the language of clothing is to be comfortable. Know yourself, love yourself, and you will be confident enough to tell the world who you truly are.