Twitter Before and After Musk’s Acquisition


Twitter is definitely one of the favorite social media networks in all parts of the globe. It is a place where many people can express their opinions on different topics, start discussions, engage with others, etc. However, as you know, things around Twitter have changed a lot in the last period. To be precise, everything started to change after Elon Musk bought the company for roughly 44 billion USD. In other words, the price of one share at that time was $54.20.

We do not need to talk a lot about Elon Musk. Some people will agree he is a genius; others will say he is just a rich guy who got lucky. It doesn’t matter your opinion about this man; we can’t neglect the many crazy and strange things around him. That’s probably the reason why his decision to purchase Twitter became viral news from the moment it first appeared in the mainstream media.

Interesting Things about Twitter Today

Twitter itself is an interesting social media platform. Studies confirm it is most popular among people between 25 and 34 years old. Currently, there are only 0.2% of users that are subscribed to Twitter Blue. When you look closer, there are many more verified users on Instagram. Also, it is worth mentioning that nearly 400 million Twitter users do not have any followers at all. That may mean there are many inactive users out there, which was one of the obstacles to the Musk’s purchasing process.

Where Is Twitter Most Popular?


It is not a secret that Twitter is not the number one option always. Instagram and Facebook still have many more active users than this social media network. But that doesn’t mean a small number of people are using it actively. As you can guess, the biggest number of active Twitter users is located in the United States. Based on ExpressVPN’s research, around 84 million active users are there. The second place on that list is Japan, where nearly 61 million people actively use Twitter. After that, the list goes like this:

  • India (around 25 million)
  • Indonesia (21.2 million)
  • Brazil (a bit less than 21 million)
  • UK (19.8 million)
  • Turkey (around 18 million), etc.

Twitter after Musk’s Takeover

Many things have happened from the moment since Elon Musk became the owner of the entire Twitter company. Some people claim Twitter will disappear, while others claim it has finally become a free speech platform. We are there to judge who is right from these two sides. Instead, we would like to talk about the numbers and facts. Let’s analyze them one by one.

The number of Employees is Reduced

The biggest change was the number of employees working for Twitter. When Twitter was officially invented, it had only 8 employees. After 14 years of existence, it had 7500 employees! These facts may be the motivation for small businesses that plan big. Anyway, there is also someone like Elon Musk that can be a party breaker.

As we said, in December 2021, Twitter had around 7500 employees. In November 2022, after Musk took over the company,  Twitter had 3800 full-time employees. Believe it or not, “only 1800 people” are working for this company today. Elon Musk realized that some employees were unnecessary there and that they were only harming the company’s budget. We do not know if that’s true, but we believe that Elon Musk has enough experience to make such decisions.

Twitter May Lose Users


Many decisions that Elon Musk made were not welcomed by the most active users. Many Twitter influencers published negative tweets on their accounts, sharing their dissatisfaction with the newest changes, such as unbanning some accounts. The experts predict 6% of users will leave Twitter forever only during 2024. Also, they predict that, in total, there will be 33 million users less until the end of 2024. Of course, no one says that these predictions will become true. We never know what a multibillionaire like Elon Musk can do to change people’s opinions and convince them to stay active on Twitter.

It is also worth mentioning that Twitter won’t lose clients equally in all parts of the world. The biggest number of users that will stop using Twitter in the future period comes from the USA. Specifically, at least 83 million of them plan to do that. In the United Kingdom, around 5% of users are unsatisfied with Musk’s takeover of Twitter. According to recent surveys, around 13 million people plan to leave Twitter by 2024.

Lawsuits against Twitter

Without any doubt, Elon Musk knows how to break the monotony. After he took over Twitter, there were 9 lawsuits claimed over the company. Keep in mind that he has been the company owner for around a year, which is a very large number of lawsuits for such a short period. Apart from that, the value of unpaid bills is around 14 million USD today. Whether that will change depends on the decisions and actions that Elon Musk will take in the future.

The Main Advertisers Left Twitter


It may look like only the bad things happened to Twitter after Elon Musk became the owner. But, as we said, we are there only to highlight some facts and data. Some of the top advertisers on this platform have changed their marketing plans and left Twitter completely. Some of the most popular brands on that list are General Mills, Ford, Chevrolet, and Chipotle Mexican Grill.

These happenings made Musk change his approach toward Twitter advertising. He recently announced a completely new app that will be part of Twitter, offering multiple services such as food ordering, shopping, and ride-hailing directly from the platform. Something like that will certainly be innovative for the world of social media platforms.


As you see, in this short period, many things have changed. Elon Musk is the type of guy who knows how to make things turbulent. We are yet to see whether the predictions are correct. We believe the number of users in the USA and UK will drop. However, we also believe the number of users will jump in other parts of the world where Musk’s reputation is a bit different compared to these two countries.