5 Different Types Of Cigar Lighters And Tips For Choosing

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Lighting up a cigar with the wrong type of flame is something that many people are making the mistake with. The right cigar lighter should not only have a great design and feel good in your arms, but it also needs to be reliable.

If you are lighting a cigar with an adequate lighter you are going to ensure that your cigar will burn evenly and most importantly, your cigar will taste better and it will have the full flavor you can enjoy.

It can be a very challenging and overwhelming task to research and analyze what is the perfect cigar lighter for you.

Taking into consideration that even cigar lighters are constantly developing and evolving since all brands want to embrace innovation and take advantage of technology by launching new great models constantly, finding a lighter truly can be a time-consuming task.

That is why people often settle with some standard options. However, that is not the route you should take.

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A cigar lighter is one of the most crucial kit items that you are needing as a cigar smoker. Selecting a high-quality that will satisfy your needs and meet your requirements is important for a variety of reasons.

Of course, it can be a great accessory aesthetically speaking, however, there is so much more that you should know.

On the market, you can truly find a wide selection of lighters that come in different shapes, sizes, designs, prices, and features. Best of all is that you can always opt for a couple of them and have them for different occasions.

In this article, we prepared everything you should know regarding purchasing your new cigar lighter.

Different types of cigar lighters

After you decided that you want to find the perfect cigar lighter that you are going to use for a long time, you should know what options you have. In general, most people are deciding on the standard disposable lighter options. It is true that they are small and practical. Literally, they are considered an on-the-go kit that can be usable.

However, they are not the ideal lighter choice. Cigar smoking is a very luxurious experience, and all the people that are smoking are not doing that just for fun. Instead, they truly enjoy the flavor of the cigar.

Therefore, if you are one of these people, you should know that there are some fluid lighters that can have a huge impact on the flavor of the cigar.

1. Jet Lighter type

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These cigar lighters are offering to people a very quick, effective, easy, but most importantly a strong flame.

Therefore, you can decide on this type of lighter and ensure that it will meet your requirements by providing you with efficiently lighting the cigar and ensuring that your cigar will burn completely even and throughout.

Best of all is that these lighters are coming with a wind-resistant feature, which means that you will not have any problems lighting up your cigar outside.

2. Butane Lighter type

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If you decide on a butane lighter, you should know that it is highly important to ensure that the liquid fuel you are using is filtered, refined as well as without the odor. Only in that way, you can be sure that the fuel in the light itself will not have any impact on the flavor of your cigar. Therefore, look for these features if you decide on this lighter type.

3. Consider the size of your cigar lighter

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One of the important things that can help you decide which type of lighter you should choose is considering the size of the cigar lighter. This factor can easily be overlooked and considered unimportant.

However, the size of the lighter should suit the type of cigar you are smoking. For instance, let’s say that you regularly enjoy smoking cigars that are larger that come with a ring gauge of around 60.

Logically, you want to look for a torch lighter that has multiple jets, so it can be an angle to light the entire cigar surface. If you use a smaller light that comes with a small flame feature, you are going to need a lot more time to fully light your larger cigar. Additionally, this can lead to uneven burn which is something that all passionate cigar smokers hate to experience.

3. Take into consideration where are going to smoke the cigar

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One more important factor that you should keep in mind while choosing the best suitable cigar lighter for you is this one. Based on where you are going to smoke the cigar, you will exactly know what type of lighter you should choose.

For instance, if you are going to smoke a cigar while hiking on a mountain, you are going to need a lighter with the high altitude feature. You are going to need a wind-proof lighter.

On the contrary, you should also consider finding a lighter that works great in colder conditions if you are needing that. Many cigar smokers do not know this, ut the temperature truly has a huge impact on the way fuel in the lighter is used.

4. See -Through Tank cigar lighter feature

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If you ask any cigar smoker, he will tell you that the most annoying thing regarding lighting the cigar is when you realize that your lighter is out of juice. Because of this, it is better to choose a lighter with a see-through tank or a lighter that has a window panel.

This will surely help you avoid this problem and not worry whether your lighter will be left out of the fuel. At every point, you are going to know exactly how much fuel is left which will save you from a lot of trouble and frustration. Keep in mind that details such as this one are very important, but in many cases, they are overlooked.

5. Style of your new cigar lighter

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Finally, we can not neglect the fact that we all want to have nice accessories especially when it comes to the cigar lighter. Every cigar smoker wants to own a lighter that will have a very nice design, aesthetical style, and some elegant finish.

If you are interested to find some very attractive lighters, you can find a huge range of styles on humidor-station.com. You are going to come across different patterns and colors, which will truly give you the possibility to find something that will grab your attention.