Easy Ways to Save Money Online in 2024

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There are plenty of articles telling you how to earn money online, but you can save money from the comfort of home, too. The internet has a wealth of options available to anyone who wants to maximize their earnings and break the cycle of living from one paycheck to the next, like many of us.

Even if you are in a good spot financially, it never hurts to have a little more in the bank at the end of the month, with a clear vision on your future nest egg. Follow these suggestions to discover some of the easiest ways you can use the internet to start saving more money today.

Use Savings Browser Extensions

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You can save money by shopping. Sound counterintuitive? It’s not, thanks to the wildly popular Google extension called Honey. Honey automatically searches the web for discount and promo codes to input during checkout. You can save a few dollars here and there, or you may just luck out and score a major discount. There’s nothing to lose by at least trying to input codes, so this one is a no-brainer.

Cashback incentives like Swagbucks will also allow you to generate savings just from shopping at certain stores or buying certain promotions. If you’re an avid online shopper, then looking into these types of programs should be at the top of your to-do list. They offer effortless savings opportunities that make life simpler without having to limit a thing. You should also check whether store’s you frequent offer rewards clubs or membership programs. Unlike signing up for a store credit card, which usually comes with sky-high interest, being a rewards member at stores is free. You often qualify for online sales prices and exclusive promo codes you get via email just by signing up once.

Sign Up for a Savings Account

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If you already hold a checking account with a U.S. bank, you should be able to set up a savings account for little to no cost. Every bank has their own requirements, such as a minimum balance or deposit, but there are also negotiable alternatives. For example, if your bank requires a $1,500 deposit to open an account and you don’t have it, you may be able to agree for an automatic direct deposit instead that takes a certain amount out of your checking account each month.

Automating your savings helps you avoid overspending, rationalizing and skimping out on cash that’s better left in your bank account. While you’re logged into your bank, check out whether they offer any cashback incentives. Many providers routinely collaborate with major businesses and restaurants to help customers save money just by patronizing local establishments.

Refinance Your Auto Loan

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This may sound like a more complicated option, but refinancing a car loan to save money is surprisingly straightforward. Refinance to lower monthly payments, reduce interest rates and even get cash back today. The entire process from WithClutch is fast, easy, and doesn’t affect your credit score or modify your current loan in any way.

New policy agreements are approved within 24 hours, which means you can save money from a reduced payment and be sent any cash you’re owed in a day. Refinancing is ideal for those whose income has changed, or those who want to adjust their budget without having to sell their car or downgrade. If you’re not sure whether refinancing is right for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my current interest rate making my loan take longer to pay off?
  • Are my monthly payments too high for me?
  • Could I pay off my loan faster if the interest rate was lower?
  • Would lowering my car payments even by $50 a month help me become more financially stable?

The best part about applying to refinance is that you aren’t obligated to accept any offers you don’t like. There are no repercussions simply for applying, and you get to review your total projected savings based on real-time estimates that ensure you’re receiving the most accurate quotes.

Shop Smart

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Have you ever been scrolling for something online and noticed the prices change from store to store and even day to day? That’s not just you. It’s a practice called dynamic pricing, and it’s designed to use a variety of personal factors that range from your search history all the way down to your zip code to determine how much an online retailer will charge you. Amazon’s prices can change as rapidly as every 15 minutes based on its algorithm, which can cause the same item to appear in your recommendations by different vendors for varying prices.

To save money, start using the internet in incognito mode. Here’s a guide on how to browse incognito on Windows and Mac. Although your computer won’t store your search history in this mode, it also won’t use cookies to store personal data and fluctuate sales prices. You should also open tabs on a store’s page in a new page or tab as this can trick the site into believing you’re visiting the page for the first time. If you only click around the site in one tab, the site records your behavior and will likely adjust prices based on your activity.

Start Streaming More

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As long as you have unlimited WIFI, streaming is your best way to reduce bills and expenses. You don’t need to pay for cable when you can stream on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, and you can spare yourself having to pay for individual songs by signing up for Spotify. The best part about the latter is that even with a totally free account, you have complete access to a library of millions of songs and podcasts.

The only price you pay is sitting through some ads every couple of songs. Streaming is more than just about convenience; it also offers people the chance to rely on the internet for things that were traditionally reserved for other devices. With the ability to reduce your need for a television and physical albums or iTunes, you also save more money without skipping a beat.