What do Classic Maid Uniforms Dresses Look Like


Nowadays, it is possible to find on the market dozens of maid uniforms models that fit with every hotel service level. Some of them are modernly designed, and they are made with technical fabrics and materials that are ultra-resistant to high temperatures, accidents, and chemical aggressions. In fact, the chambermaids manage waste and chemicals every day. So, the uniform must be particularly resistant to external aggressions and, of course, to frequent washing, for hygienic reasons. 

The most modern ones have introduced on the market new colors such as Blue and Burgundy, and some new ideas such as striped fabrics, too. Some less formal hotels prefer these last solutions instead of solid color dresses. However, many luxury hotels choose the classic uniform with its minimal style and its unique, distinctive features.

In both cases, practicality is certainly important, but the aesthetic factor cannot be forgotten. This is the reason why modern or classic maid uniforms are designed to be beautiful and to convey to guests a sense of elegance and pleasantness.

Of course, colors and models are not the only features to consider if you want to choose a classic maid uniform dress instead of a modern one. Let’s see them.

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The collar of classic maid uniforms

The classic maid uniforms dresses are sober and very accurate in details. When we think of them, we think of the classic, black and white dress with the apron and possible the typical hat but that’s not all.

The collar is a characteristic element of the maid uniforms dresses. You can choose between two different collar models, the round collar and the shawl collar. They both give the uniform a simple and sober look. To see some of the options, visit this site. They must always be well ironed, and they are made in white cotton. The collar finishes the tunic and makes it elegant, especially when it is edged with lace or other fine finishes.

The tunic of the classic maid uniform usually has a front side closure with four or more buttons. It is possible to choose between short-sleeved dress or 3 / 4 sleeved dress.

The white apron

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What cannot be missing in a maid uniform is the apron. It simply has an aesthetic function.

Usually, it is a short white apron made in cotton. The white waist aprons can have different cuts and finishes, some softer than others more geometric. What gives the apron greater value is the lace edging.

A wide pocket can be seen on the front of it is possible to choose the model without pockets simply.  At least, some luxury hotels complete the uniform with white maids’ hat made of piquet and lace.