What is 5-HTP and How it Works – 2024 Guide

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5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) or Oxitriptan is a natural amino acid that your body produces. Amino acids are used to synthesize proteins for energy supply in the body. 5-HTP is also used by the body to produce serotonin or what we know the chemical that sends the signal to your nerve cells.

A low level of serotonin will lead to having anxiety, depression, insomnia, weight gain and other medical conditions, hence having a high or good serotonin level on your body has a lot of good benefits. Since 5-HTP increases the synthesis of serotonin, it is used for several diseases where serotonin is believed to play an important role. However, there are no ways to get 5-HTP from food sources, so to provide an organism with the right amount of this nutrient you might have to add some 5-HTP supplements into your daily diet.

So, why should you buy 5-HTP?

Uses and Benefits of 5-HTP

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Usage of 5-HTP may help you lose weight, as this nutrient can bring a sensation of fullness and will cause you to eat less than usual. It works as an appetite suppressant, so taking it is kind of a smart way to get rid of unwanted kilograms. Additionally, this feature of the 5-HTP may help you to fight with certain malaises caused by weight. 5-HTP restraints your intake of calories to carbohydrates which is a lot better for blood sugar control. For more information click here.

As we already have mentioned before, this supplement may also help decrease depression, as by taking it the level of serotonin rises in the body. According to some users, it brings better effect when 5-HTP is used in combination of other antidepressant supplements, however, there is no officially made scientific research that approves such operation. If you consider making a mix of previous supplements, discuss it with your doctor first.

​Taking 5-HTP as a supplement might improve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia or also known as musculoskeletal pain syndrome or chronic pain. As serotonin levels increase is one of its features, taking this supplement might improve sleep condition and reduce pain. In this case, we may find some reliable studies that prove 5-HTP capability of raising those serotonin levels and reducing previously mentioned malaise.

We have to emphasize the 5-HTP feature to improve sleep by explaining some points of that. Maybe not all of the people are aware of serotonin connection with melatonin. In very truth, serotonin is the origin of Melatonin. All of the converting processes happen in the brain, where serotonin is transformed into melatonin hormone.

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Melatonin has a very important role in regulating our sleep cycle, hence 5-HTP can promote sleep by increasing your body’s melatonin levels. The production of melatonin usually rises during the night, which is usually our sleeping time. Having a low of this hormone can affect your sleep-wake cycle. Non-regulated melatonin release often comes with inappropriate sleeping hours caused by non-adapted daily schedules.

In this case, 5-HTP might reduce any melatonin release malaises and improve your sleeping condition. Also, some studies say that if you combine 5-HTP with GABA  or also as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, it will increase your sleeping duration and promote a good quality of it, as GABA for itself promotes relaxation to the body. By adding those two nutrients to your daily routine might bring more efficient results with better harmony and relation between you and your sleep.

5-HTP also may help reduce the frequency of migraine, which is a severe headache that is usually paired with nausea or blurry vision. Some of the people took this for 6 months and prevented or decreased their number of migraine attacks. Also, some studies say that supplementing 5-HTP may be an effective treatment and gradually decrease their migraine episodes.

Another great benefit appears on people with down syndrome, especially children from 4 years old. Some research claims that by using 5-HTP, children with down syndrome experience better physical development such as more efficient growth of muscles. In this way, 5-HTP might enhance youngsters’ activity and mood.

Potential Side Effects of 5-HTP

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As most of the nootropics have some side effects, 5-HTP is not an exception. In fact, you have to be aware that using it may be a bit risky of its side effects.

Even 5-HTP has a brilliant feature of rising serotonin levels, at the same time, it may decrease amounts of certain neurotransmitters that carry nerve signals along with your nerve system.

There is also a possibility that taking 5-HTP might increase the malaise that you want to get rid off. But such side effects might occur if you are taking 5-HTP too long, so try to avoid it by making real breaks.

Some of them can be heartburn, nausea. Also, some Diarrhea, muscle problems or stomach pain might occur. A very rare side effect comes with allergy, so be aware of it too. However, every previous condition usually appears when the dosage is not appropriate to your body. Try to avoid overdose and supervise your body carefully while using it. Start from the minimum dosage and follow the label rightly.

Correct Dosage

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For a 5-HTP tablet (200mg), it is best recommended to take 1-3 times a day. However, if the main concern or goal is weight loss, it is recommended to take a 5-HTP tablet before each meal. There are different dosing for every need, just make sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Warning: Please make sure to ask your doctor or physician if you are planning to change from your current medicine to 5-HTP supplement, or if you want to stack this supplement on your current medicine. Especially when you are pregnant, as this may cause unwanted circumstances, also it is not recommended for people under 18 years old.

For the end

As you might have noticed, 5-Hydroxytryptophan has a lot of key benefits that enhance your health life wellness. A lot of users are satisfied by the effect of the 5-HTP supplement. By adding this nutrient into your daily routine you might evoke some changes, but don’t forget its side effects and supervise your dosage.