Tips for a Safe Summer by the Pool with Your Kids – 2024 Guide

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The summer brings with it a heat that needs to be relieved. Jumping into your backyard swimming pool can be a great way to cool off from the summer heat for you and your kids. It also offers an excellent opportunity to bond as a family.

However, backyard swimming pools can pose a threat to your child’s safety, and drowning is one of the biggest causes of unintentional death among children. Therefore, it is important to take some safety measures to enjoy the summer by the pool with your kids. Here are some tips on what you can do to promote your kids’ safety when they’re out by the pool in the summer.

Maintain a pool alarm system

There are several pool alarm systems that you can benefit from. You can have an alarm system that alerts you whenever the pool fence is opened or even an alarm system inside the pool that uses motion sensors to detect wave movement in the pool. This can notify you whenever movement is detected inside the pool so that you can come out to your backyard and take a look at what’s going on.

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Be prepared with a first aid kit and rescue equipment

You must have a plan for what you’re going to do if an emergency situation arises. While it’s good to be optimistic, it’s better to be prepared so that you don’t go into panic mode if an emergency arises. Make sure you have a rescue tube ready and close to your swimming pool at all times. You should also stock up on some first aid supplies that will come in handy if there’s an emergency that needs to be attended to.

Establish rules for using the pool

You must impress upon your kids the need to follow certain swimming pool rules for the sake of their safety. Get them to ask for permission every time they’re planning to use the pool. This will make you aware that they’re using the pool and giving you time to supervise them while playing. You must also establish other rules such as:

  1. No pushing others into the pool
  2. No diving into the shallow end of the swimming pool
  3. No dunking or holding anyone’s head under the water
  4. No running on the pool deck
  5. No swimming in the absence of an adult

While you’re telling them the rules, explain why it’s important that they follow these rules.

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Build a pool fence

You must invest in a pool fence to keep your kids safe when they’re out playing by the pool. This will not only give your backyard some privacy, but it will also make it difficult for them to enter the pool without your knowledge. There are many fencing options available for your pool. Choose one that is much taller than the height of your kids to keep them out.

Check drain covers

There are many reports of accidents occurring due to cracked or faulty drain covers that kids get stuck in. It’s important to carefully inspect your drain covers and ensure that they’re round and functioning properly without any cracks if you want to avoid any accidents arising from faulty drain covers.

Skip the diving board

Having a diving board with your swimming pool can result in many accidents, from slipping on the board and falling head first. This can happen even to those who are familiar with how to dive and not necessarily just with people who don’t know anything about diving. Getting rid of your diving board will keep your kids safe and prevent any accidents resulting from slipping head first and getting injured.

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Safely store swimming pool chemicals

Swimming pool chemicals are meant to maintain the cleanliness of your pool’s water by killing algae, bacteria, and other contaminants. These need to be worked with very carefully though using the right protective equipment while handling. Pool chemicals must be kept out of reach of children and stored in a well ventilated region to avoid any issues arising from kids getting access to such chemicals.

Learn and practise CPR

You need to sign up for some classes to learn and practise CPR in case there’s ever a requirement for it. CPR can come in handy as a powerful measure of immediate action in case of emergency and can literally save your child’s life. While you can read up on how to give CPR online, signing up for some classes will ensure you pick up the right technique and get the practice needed to perform it in real life in case of an emergency.

There are even online BLS(basic life support) courses that you can take where you’ll learn all about the detailed process of administering CPR without having to leave your home. These classes are becoming increasingly popular and you can learn more about them at Advanced Medical Certification.

Check the swimming pool for any slip hazards

You must make sure that any toys, tubes, floats, or other materials that can trip someone aren’t left lying around your swimming pool. Such slip hazards can have deadly consequences, especially when kids are out playing by the pool.

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Give your kids swimming lessons

The best way to keep your kids safe for a summer by the pool is by giving them swimming lessons. Starting at an early age is ideal to help them make positive associations with water. Make sure they learn how to enter a pool correctly and how to leave a pool using the pool’s steps or ladder.

Formal swimming lessons will teach them the right breathing techniques and how to swim. Apart from being a lifesaving skill, knowing how to swim also has many physical and psychological benefits for your child. With proper swimming lessons, your kids will be more confident using the pool and can find their way to safety if they find themselves in the water.

You can also make use of life jackets and floats to help them get familiar with the water when they’re starting off their swimming lessons. This will help keep their heads above the water and prevent drowning.

Be alert and supervise your kids

No matter how good your kid is at swimming, you need to remain alert and supervise them when they’re out by the pool. This will ensure they get help in time if something does go wrong.

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