Why Are Sex Dolls Becoming So Popular?


Love dolls have been creeping into the mainstream for quite a few years now thanks to companies like Abyss Creations, who have seen huge media exposure for their innovative hyper-realistic dolls and advancing robotics. WM dolls have also been a pioneer, who started out with regular shop mannequins and evolved to more complex dolls but all that had been relatively underground until now. In 2019 we are seeing substantial grown in the sex doll market, and here’s why…

According to www.siliconelovers.com – one of the largest sex doll vendors in Europe with some of the most realistic sex dolls on the market:

“Besides the obvious- sex dolls have become so unbelievably realistic in recent years, it’s hard to ignore, media attention was inevitable. We believe there are quite a few other factors that dictate the popularity and attention in the mainstream media of late, for one, we are so globally connected now that it only takes one youtube video or a particularly funny sex doll meme to go viral and suddenly a whole demographic of people who wouldn’t ordinarily be exposed to dolls in their day to day lives, have their eyes opened (and mouths wide open too!) to the whole concept.”

Source: siliconelovers.com

Generally, people are blown away and enthusiastic at how realistic they are, so of course they are going to want to impress (or shock) their friends with their new-found knowledge. Others are totally freaked out and think it’s just plain wrong and can be equally as vocal on social media. We all have our opinions, there’s nothing wrong with that. There have also been a few widely publicized documentaries that have educated people that would otherwise be in the dark… Another reason (for the attention) is that it gets pulled into communities who are already in the spotlight for other reasons eg with the “4th wave feminism” and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movements, sex dolls have become quite a hot topic for debate – and not surprisingly, there are people who are in favor, and people who are against it within each community

As humans we have an innate fascination with the idea of replicating the works of Mother Nature, to see how our skills compare or if we can even come close to designing things the way Mother Nature does so perfectly.

Source: realdoll.com

It’s evident in all aspects of art and design, we’re obsessed with it as a species and I think dolls are another medium for self-expression and exploration in that same realm. When you go onto huge forums like TDF (The Doll Forum 60,000+ members), you quickly realise that many people are talking about the design of these dolls, the way they are put together, their individual specifications and the owner’s customisation choices that contribute to the doll’s unique characteristics and personality.

You quickly realise that it’s NOT just about sex, but it’s about being creative and imaginative. It is a hobby just the same as classic cars and in the same way that you have car shows where people admire the way a machine has been perfectly designed and built, the exact same thing goes on with dolls.

Source: jydoll.com

In fact, many owners have ‘doll meets’ to do exactly that. We find it quite awful that most feel like they have to be a bit clandestine about it all due to harsh judgments from the media and outsiders who have fairly two-dimensional views on what sex doll owners must be like. To many owners, these dolls become de-sexualized to an extent and simply appreciated for their curves, their shape, their design, their quality, their unique customisations – and of course- their everlasting companionship.

Silicone Lovers said: “As much as the general public would love to pigeon hole doll owners, it’s truly impossible. Our customers are as diverse if not more so than any other customer demographic. For example, we sell to all sexes, couples and collectors, cosplayers and role-players, widows and widowers, young and the young at heart, gamers and gym-goers, photographers and fashionistas to name just a few.”

“Everyone has their own very distinct personal reason to own a doll. We even have long-distance lovers buying dolls as gifts for each other. Some own one, some own 21. Some people when asked, on the forum “how many “sex dolls” do you have?” will reply “None, but I have three emotional support silicone companions”.  Or “I have a collection of dolls, none of which I use for sex, they are just dolls to me”. Some are motivated by sex, some are not. Some are motivated by one particular thing and it then it changes completely and unexpectedly.”

Source: dsdoll.us

“I will say, in regards to their general demeanour, we’ve experienced nothing but the most civilised, polite, open and honest customers and we can form quite a bond with some. It’s a sensitive item to sell, the trust and respect go both ways. We treat customers how we would like to be treated if the role was reversed – with respect and kindness. We like to think we are helping people find companionship within a society that sometimes doesn’t give everyone the attention they deserve.”

Are sex dolls the longterm answer? Who knows, but for now they seem to be doing a pretty good job of becoming more and more popular by the day.