Why Choose Outsourced Technical Support? Let’s Take a Closer Look and Point by Point

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All service conditions, the list of tasks set, the timing and methods of their implementation, as well as the parameters by which the quality of the service provided is determined, are described in detail in the Service Level Agreement. By signing a deal, helpware assumes legal obligations to fulfill it.

There is no risk of delaying the project due to illness, family problems, vacation or dismissal of your own employee. Helpware specialists are interchangeable. Due to the presence of the transaction, the history of applications and the client’s passport, the replacement of the outsourcer will not affect the customer in any way. Our technical support specialists do not need to gain momentum for a long time and delve into the array of work done for hours. They can continue the task from the last checkpoint in the shortest possible time by checking the current status of the project and the knowledge base.

Economical for outsourced technical support

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  • You will save money, and most importantly time on recruitment and personnel management, by shifting all the tasks of coordinating employees to helpware.
  • Each help desk employee’s hours are strictly accounted for, reducing your costs. You pay for the result, not for the process.
  • You will reduce the cost of renting and providing employees with jobs.
  • You will reduce your tax payments.

Efficiency for outsourced technical support

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  • Thanks to the implemented system of selection and control of competencies, Helpware guarantees the maximum level of performance of its employees.
  • Helpware specialists have more practical experience, skills and knowledge than line employees, as they participate in projects from different areas. Thanks to this, we introduce creative solutions that are not obvious to ordinary specialists.
  • Each Helpware employee undergoes regular certification and confirms their competence with certificates.
  • The amount of remuneration and career prospects of helpword specialists depend on an effective system of bonuses and fines, which additionally motivates employees.

It’s transparent

  • We register all customer requests and strictly comply with the deadlines for their implementation. At the same time, work is carried out only on applications agreed with the customer.
  • The introduction of modern methods of accounting and control will allow you not only to receive reports on each completed task, but also independently control the progress using convenient and simple tools.

It is multifunctional

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  • The list of possible services and solutions for outsourced technical support provided by supporting software far exceeds the capabilities of any individual employee or even an entire IT department.
  • Helpware managers have a large network of contacts in the IT field and will easily help you establish cooperation with third-party companies
  • A large staff of helpware specialists allows you to combine experience with various products to solve a wide range of problems.

It’s fast

  • Our employees do not reinvent the wheel, but adapt ready-made solutions to implement such tools as telephony, outsourced technical support, sales management systems, etc. This process is fine-tuned and streamlined, which means that all projects are developed on the basis of a proven design approach.

Easy to scale

  • Helpware has extensive experience in working with outsourced technical support for both small businesses and large holdings and groups of companies. The list of services provided to you will grow in proportion to the growth of your company.
  • Forget about the need to attract additional resources for such one-time projects as expanding the IT infrastructure, equipping the office with the necessary equipment, etc. Helpware will take care of these tasks