8 Shortcuts to Writing a Decent Essay

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Writing is an inevitable part of every student’s life, and learning how to finish your essay faster can save tons of energy. College students spend most of their time writing essays, hoping to impress their teachers and receive good feedback. However, a student can use multiple strategies to avoid the struggle of sitting at the table for hours.

Want to see your grades rise for the next work you submit? Use these eight shortcuts for writing a great essay without sacrificing the quality.

1. Use Essay Writing Services

Everyone was in a situation where the essay needed to be delivered as soon as possible. On top of that, there are many other troubles that students encounter in college at the same time. That’s why they often ask themselves, ‘How do I write my essay fast and without feeling burnt out after?’ In this case, delegating the task to a professional essay writing service is a good idea.

This will relieve your stress and ensure that your essay is written to a high standard. When you see how a professional completes a certain task, you begin to understand more about writing yourself. Seeing perfect examples of academic papers will improve your skills and make you a better writer.

2. Set a Timer With a Goal in Mind

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Setting a timer can boost your focus even though it seems so simple. Make your goal visible too. Hang a note on your table or mention it in your diary. This will give you a sense of achievement and make you motivated.

Set a specific amount of time for each section of your essay and work diligently during that time frame. This way, you can avoid procrastination. You will also ensure that you complete your essay before the deadline, which is crucial for college success.

Writing for 25 minutes at a time, then taking a short break can skyrocket your productivity. This method, also known as the Pomodoro Technique, motivates people to work quickly without noticing any pressure.

3. Try Out Keyboard Shortcuts

Want to save time on typing while making the process more fun and enjoyable? Learn keyboard tricks!

Some people say that being familiar with keyboard shortcuts can save up to an hour on writing an essay! You can find a whole list of shortcuts on HongKiat.com, for instance.

A few examples of such typing tricks are:

Ctrl + A – Select all text;

Backspace – Return to the previous page on your web browser;

Ctrl + F – Find a word or sentence in the text;

Ctrl + T – New tab in the web browser;

Ctrl + N – Open a new window;

Win+ SPACEBAR – Change input language and keyboard layout.

4. Create Templates to Use Later

Another shortcut is to create essay templates in advance and keep them. This approach will already give you the needed base and make the writing process more enjoyable. You can prepare templates with specific structures for various essay formats. You can also devise a checklist of the steps you have to take while composing an essay. The smaller and easier the steps, the better.

5. Write a First Draft All at Once

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Don’t focus on each sentence separately when you try to write a big essay. Instead, try to put all of your thoughts on the document. Editing and proofreading every piece that you write can take more time by slowing down the flow of your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be perfect at first. This is why it’s called a first draft.

All you need to do is to write the first draft without taking breaks. Check the typos and grammar later. The main goal is getting the context out there, something you can work with later.

If the essay should be lengthy and complex, divide it into a few short parts. Treat them as separate essays until you have the information you need. Then you can combine them to have a logical structure and edit accordingly.

6. Use Helpful Online Tools

With a plethora of online tools created especially for students, why not take advantage of them? Trying out various types of applications will help you figure out which work best for you. Some of the apps you can use are:

  • FreeMind app: Mind-mapping program that creates different types of diagrams. By using FreeMind, you can effectively organize your thoughts while conducting research on the topic.
  • SimpleNote app: An easy and minimalistic solution for taking notes on the go to use later for essay writing. It helps capture your ideas and keep them backed up. The advanced search function also makes it fast to navigate among your notes.
  • Ulysses app: This is a popular productivity tool that assists students with excellent document formatting. There are many tutorials available in the app, so you can benefit from every single feature.

7. Kill All the Distractions

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Distractions can be a huge enemy when writing an essay, so you must kill them all. To avoid distractions, turn off your phone or set it on “don’t disturb” mode. To prevent yourself from using social media, you can put a limit on them. If you find it hard not to use any social media, strive to open the apps only during the breaks.

You can also try putting yourself in an environment with a quiet atmosphere. The best place to work on your essay is a library. It’s usually a spot where many other students work on their assignments. When you catch yourself in a productive space, with everyone around you having a deep focus, you will naturally want to copy their behavior.

8. Ask for Editing

Getting feedback on your writing can help you improve your essay and avoid common mistakes. You can always ask your college mate or family member to scan through the text and offer constructive criticism.

You can also consider using online feedback services such as Pro Writing Aid, Scribendi, Grammarly, or Hemingway Editor. They highlight all the phrases and words that should be edited and even show you options for synonyms.


Sometimes you don’t need to work hard but find ways to work smart. The same is with writing an essay. It should not be that hard when you realize the number of shortcuts to the process. Try using the ones mentioned above and practice writing high-quality essays faster.