XIAN PAUL & DON JULIAN Explore Higher Consciousness In Alt-Rock Single ‘Exit’ — Releasing November 8th


Moody nightlife-inspired new wave rock single ‘Exit’ will connect you with a higher power

Listen now: ‘Exit’ – Xian Paul ft. Don Julian

This November 8th, new wave experimental indie artist XIAN PAUL and close collaborator DON JULIAN are dropping their moody new alternative rock track ‘EXIT’ — the lead single from their upcoming project.

‘Exit’ is a poignant alt-rock record that champions individuality and speaks of waking up to a way of life that focuses on your own lane and nobody else’s. Recorded in New York, the song explores the concept of elevating oneself to a higher consciousness to see beyond the physical present.

The wavy alternative rock hit was inspired by The Mercury Lounge, a bar in Manhattan that Xian Paul had just performed a show at. With dark lighting and hues of blue and red, the indie artist was struck by the mental image of coming and leaving through the back exit, to avoid a throng of people.

With instrumentation produced in their Brooklyn apartment, ’Exit’ marks the first song Xian Paul has written and played electric bass on. He also wrote the lyrics and sang the vocals, meanwhile Don Julian wrote and performed the guitar and drum parts. The final track was recorded and produced at Jambox Recording Studios in Manhattan.

“We all need to know where the exit is in a room full of people. The record is about making contact with something bigger than yourself, a higher power. You have to pay attention or you’ll miss the guidance. It’s about opening your mind to a higher state of consciousness. Anything and anyone can be a teacher if you simply listen.” XIAN PAUL

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Xian Paul is an experimental indie and alternative artist with house, hip -hop and pop influences. Based in Brooklyn, originally from El Paso, Texas, Xian Paul grew up playing multiple instruments. He moved to New York aged 19 to develop his creative career. A sensitive soul, Xian Paul’s music is influenced by emotion and spirituality: “Love, curiosity and my own gut feelings inspire my music.”

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Don Julian is an emerging music producer based in Brooklyn, New York. From hip-hop beats to new wave melodies, his style is fresh and eclectic. Having performed venues across NYC with Xian Paul, the duo are now releasing singles from their upcoming collaboration album. Originally from El Paso, Don Julian cites the addictive, melodic hip-hop beats of Rick Ross and Meek Mill as his inspiration for becoming a music producer.

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