Steps on How to Use YouTube for Small Business in 2024


A personal channel for a business owner on YouTube is a great way to attract new customers. You can increase brand awareness, and build your credibility. Also, increase web traffic and sales and, ultimately, increase profits.

If you’re a small business owner, leveraging YouTube to promote your products can be the best option. While there are plenty of videos on how to use YouTube as a small business owner. This platform is a goldmine for small businesses looking to reach a wider audience.

How to set up a business YouTube channel?


Here are some steps to set up a YouTube channel for your business:

First Create a Business Account

Starting a business account is easy, and it doesn’t require much time. To post content on YouTube, you need to create a separate business account. You need to link your company’s Google account with YouTube and set up your account.

Once that’s done, you need to customize your account. Add your company’s logo on the profile page, and create an attractive cover to upload for the banner. Ensure your visuals are stunning because it keeps your audience coming back to your page. If it is visually pleasing with suitable graphics and illustrations, you’ll have made a great first impression.

Engaging with users


Once the initial setup is out of your way, YouTube content planning should be done way ahead of time. Set realistic timelines, come up with topics related to your business, and post content. Reply to users’ comments, and keep your audience engaged. Learn more at

Get users to subscribe to your channel and remind them to do so in your videos. When people subscribe, they’ll be notified of every new video you upload. In one way, you keep getting regular traffic with subscribers.

Encourage your viewers to subscribe and share your videos on social media sites but don’t be pushy. One thing about using YouTube for small businesses is to stay consistent with your content from the very beginning. As you upload more videos, you learn a lot along the way and improve, increasing your chances of gaining more viewers.

Work with YouTubers

Collaborate with YouTubers of your niche as it can be a great way to promote your products and gain a new audience. Reach out to popular bloggers in your niche and pitch your product or service. You may get featured in their video and attract new users.

Popular Youtubers often mention sponsored products. They talk about their features in their videos. So, if they agree to do that for your product, grab the opportunity. Going viral is momentary, but if your products are authentic, they’ll strike a chord with the audience even if you don’t have a large following.

Live stream


Go live, talk to your audience, and get feedback on your products or services. Be authentic and understand what’s missing or what new features or services can be added to improve your product. Though not as Instagram live, live does help you reach a broader audience base in the long run.

YouTube for Business: Pros and Cons

Unlike other social media, YouTube exclusively posts content in video format. The video format has consistently proven to be one of the most effective forms of content in terms of engagement.

The reason many companies use marketing on this resource is because of its high effectiveness. This platform is a great way to spread the word about your business. Many brands decide to create a YouTube channel for businesses. They post videos on this platform to increase company awareness and connect with their audience.

If your company has a product to sell, look to add informative and entertaining videos to YouTube. This can quickly introduce your product to hundreds of millions of potential customers. If the company offers a service, you can talk about that service.

After watching the video, customers can leave comments and ask questions. Responding to comments gives you the opportunity to promote your business. Or, provide visible customer service.

Videos are not only a way to reach an extremely large audience. It’s also one of the most financially profitable online marketing platforms. The platform makes it quick and easy to create a channel, upload content and connect with users, all at no cost to businesses.

Benefits of having a YouTube Channel


There are tons of benefits of using YouTube for business use. Here are some of the main advantages –

  • It will be easy for people to find you on Google search pages. Your videos appear right on top of the page on every search.
  • You can get potential customers to buy your products or services. Searching on Google is one thing but searching on YouTube to watch a video about a product is a whole different thing. It means they are interested in your products and want to know more about them.
  • Videos help users know your products better, and you can reach a wider audience with ads. Advertising is a great way to increase traffic to your channel. When you have a good marketing strategy, you will be able to reach the right audience.


But you should also understand what difficulties may arise.

There is high competition


There are a huge number of similar videos on the resource. If the content is not interesting, users will simply move on to the next video.

It takes a lot of time to create a video for business promotion. If you are creating a channel just to upload one video and are not going to support the platform, you may want to reconsider your decision. You need to go all in.

Negative comments can be bad for your business

If you’re marketing your products or services on YouTube, you may receive negative reviews or comments if the customers are not happy. It can harm your reputation.

Even if your videos are good, you may get rejected


Are your videos of top-notch quality? Have you used relevant tags? Did you add primary and secondary keywords and followed SEO best practices? Do you still find your videos barely getting a few likes?

It can be hard to assess where you’re going wrong in such cases. You need to evaluate future risks and have a backup so your videos don’t end up hidden among millions of videos on YouTube.

Final Thoughts

Many small businesses are already using YouTube to the fullest and doing their best to attract users. But don’t be intimidated by the sheer amount of people posting on YouTube. Get started and keep your content relevant to your audience every single day. Use tools that boost traffic and increase engagement to grow your small business.