Casino Streaming – The Step by Step Guide


Casino streaming has been around since as early as 1995, but its popularity has only blown up recently. This act refers to players recording themselves in real money gameplay sessions in casinos for other players to enjoy. The mode of gaming does not demand viewers to place any stakes in free slot machines online. This is much like when playing on sites such as where gamblers can engage free casino games without downloading any software. Instead, they enjoy the results of the players in the feed without any effects on their pockets.

Mark Cuban is recognised as the king of casino live streams, considering he was the first person to showcase live recordings of himself playing games in casinos. The art has evolved over the years to attract millions of players, with poker drawing in the biggest crowd. The growing revenue of this industry is also attracting a lot of potential streamers, and if you are looking to be one of them, here is a guide on how to go about the process.

Create Your Profile

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Think of casino streaming like creating a brand online, similar to social media and other similar spaces, and it will be used as your identity online. Begin by choosing a username, which should most likely lean away from your real one. The nickname you select impacts the impression you create with viewers, so take your time choosing one that you would use on more than one platform. Ensure that you confirm that it is not in use anywhere else and it is unique to only you.

Building your casino streaming profile also includes the selection of a theme that will be recognised with your brand. The idea should resonate with the profile name that you pick, and it should also include a background image. Keep in mind that you’ll not always be online playing games, and the backdrop is the image punters will see when they visit your page during such times. It can also be displayed when they choose to sift through your album and watch videos that have already been streamed.

Casino streaming also requires you to build a description, which is mostly viewed at the bottom of the screen. The information included on this panel helps viewers know a little bit more about you outside of the live streams that you play. You can add info like:

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  • Personal information about you such as your age, interests, and anything else you’re comfortable putting out. You can also describe your past beginning with the time when your passion for gaming began. When doing this, honesty remains the best policy.
  • Name your favourite games to play, and lean towards specifics. Do not be rigid with your likes, however, so that you can attract as large a crowd as possible.
  • If you need any support to run the channel, include information on how your viewers can do so. Help can be through donations or buying merchandise related to your channel to raise cash for the placement of bets. The support can also be as simple as following you on other social media spaces such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Designing your profile can be done with the help of professional designers. Alternatively, you can choose to save some cash by doing it yourself or using templates that are already in place.

Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements are basic, and you can use a monitor, keyboard, headset, mouse, and speakers of your choice. A camera and microphone are also vital inclusions in the streaming venture, and they play a crucial role in encouraging interactivity with viewers. The quality of these setup additions should be high to allow gamblers to see your reactions clearly to what is happening in the gaming screen. Most streamers lean towards the use of the Blue Yeti microphone due to its low-price range and high sound quality delivery.

In the case of cameras, the Logitech C-series webcams are a common choice.

Software Requirements

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The streaming of casino games can come with a lot of resource demands, so you have to make sure that your PC meets specific requirements to run such tasking labour. The basic needs begin with a RAM of at least 8GB and a multicore processor that is Core i5 or higher. The computer should run on at least Windows 7, but the most recommended is 10. The graphic quality of the PC depends on whether you plan on streaming casino games only, or if you see yourself venturing into video games as well at some point. The best options are usually at least GTX 1070 or 1080 Ti. These specifications are currently the best starting point for displaying recent game releases, even for the ordinary gamer that does not stream.

Internet speed should also be focused on to support both broadcasting platforms at the same time flawlessly. Keep in mind that you will be streaming not only your screen but also yourself through the webcam. Most platforms allow at least 3.5 MBps, which supports the streaming of 720p without disruptions. This quality is not bad, but going higher enables players to try out as much as 1080p. Nonetheless, keep in mind that gamblers can control this element on their end, and they can go even lower than 720p.

Create Necessary Accounts

Relative accounts are necessary to create a platform where your viewers can reach you and another where you can source games. The three main ones that you need are:

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  • Twitch account

Twitch is currently the most successful online gaming streaming service that spans over casino sets, video games, and other indulgences. YouTube used to stand as a rival, but they have recently updated their terms and conditions to bar the streaming of casino games.

The username created at the beginning of this process is used in this step, and it plays a vital role in your branding. It should be noted that once a username is entered, it cannot be changed unless one signs up again with a new account. Therefore, by the time it is being keyed in, one should have settled on a convenient name by then. Once the name is registered, proceed to the settings where you will retrieve a Stream Key, which is given in the form of a link.

  • Casino account

Casinos serve as the source of games that will be streamed live, and in most cases, they are accessed after creating an account. Ensure that you conduct your research on the best options available in terms of security, bonuses, game collection, and other elements that are used to determine an ideal choice.

  • Bank account

Real money gameplay is at the core of casino streaming, so you will need a bank account to fund ventures. It is advisable to open a separate one from your personal one for security reasons, and also to help you manage your gambling finances.

Choose Streaming Software

Now that you are all set up proceed to single out streaming software, and the most used is Open Broadcaster Software. Twitch allows seven other options, including:

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  • XSplit Broadcaster
  • Streamlabs
  • Muxy
  • Opera Event
  • Bebo

The choice of streaming software depends on the particular actions you intend on doing on your channel. XSplit and OBS are widely used since they do not apply any charges and still deliver high-quality services.


Once your casino streaming has begun, you can now aim at making money from the venture. Most successful streamers rake in cash by getting as many subscribers as possible and running casino affiliate programs.