A Look into iOS 13: Features & Updates

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The latest iterations of Apple’s operating system is here, and, as usual, a lot of people are talking about it. While it doesn’t offer many new features, it does provide key updates, improvements, and new benefits. Apple isn’t making great leaps forward but they are creating a foundation of stability to build upon. They are improving some of their apps that have truly lacked and offering an edge against the competitors. Some of these improvements are just catching up to Google, but others are reaching new territories.

The Goal: Consistency

With the iOS 13, Apple is offering consistency. They are relying on their features increasing the ability of the apps they already have rather than creating new ones. This is being done with the hopes that it will improve performance, but that remains to be seen. Many of these apps have needed to be updated for years. This time around the opted to please rather than awe. This isn’t an overhaul, it is a foundation.

Dark Mode

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Perhaps the most sought-after addition to the iOS is Dark Mode. People have been clamoring about this for years and it is finally here. Dark Mode is an inversion in the color scheme of the phone. While it has typically been available only on select apps, now the feature can be turned on all the time. You can even have your phone change to dark mode at night, when you are using phone before sleep.

This will help you save battery and get to bed easier. The light is, unsurprisingly, not good for sleep. Dark mode can change the whole view of the operating system. It will dark everything from the wallpaper to built-in apps as well.

There are two options with Dark Mode. One allows you toggle between the two modes and an automatic function that uses the light outside to switch back and forth. Dark mode can be turned on from setting the app. There is also an option to adjust the dark mode on and off from the customized adjustment at sunrise and sunset depends on our local time. While it seems simple, Apple users are quite excited about the battery-saving and light decreasing qualities of this new feature.


The new operating system comes with key privacy updates. One of which is to location. You can now block Bluetooth devices from accessing your location when you connect wireless devices such as headphones. Just about any app can track your location using one of these devices, but iOS allows you to block this. It will also send you notifications when an application has been tracking you, and it even shows you a map of the locations where the app was tracking movement.

Another privacy improvement has to do with contacts and notes. Now when you allow an app to access your contacts, it won’t automatically provide it your notes on the contacts. This will enable you to keep your private things private. Applications won’t be able to see what you think and have planned with a person on your contacts list.

Apple Maps

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Just about everyone knows that Apple Maps has been very behind Google, but with the new operating system they are making it better. Apple is working hard on being a competitor to Google’s GPS application. According to the specialists at the website MoneyPug, a platform used to compare iPhone mobile plans, with the new app there is a street-view like Google’s.

It allows you to look around real-world location. While it is still not as comprehensive or accurate as Google, this is a step in the right direction. At this point Apple doesn’t seem to hope to beat out Google with their Maps application, it simply wants to compete.

Other Updates

The reminders app is updated, with a revamp and an all-new interface. The quick toolbar makes it easy to add dates, times, and locations. You can also attach files to your reminders. Face ID will be made up to 30 percent faster than it ever has been. iOS 13 will have the ability to split AirPods, meaning that more than one person can listen to the same thing. With this new system, there are a lot of odds and ends that are enhanced.

  • Volume: It’s superfine to regulate the volume of iPhone and iPad in iOS 13. It also have 34 levels of volume and can be easily adjusted to the smaller sounds as well. While increasing or decreasing the volume it’s slider offers the haptic feedback and it is skinnier.
  • Voice Message: When about to use the voice message option there is a new option for voice-based message. It is a waveform instead of the Microphone icon.
  • Timer: In iOS 13 clock app feature has been updated as well with a new interface. When the timer start counting down there is another new circle the will unhurriedly decrease along with a standard timed countdown
Img source: hardwarezone.com.sg
  • WiFi Networks: Your iPhone of iOS 13 will detect which network you are currently using and will send notifications when a new network is available.
  • Photo Zoom: In iOS 13, the Photos app have a new symbol of +/- on the top. When tapped will let you zoom in and out of the photos tab. Also using pinch gestures can results same to zoom in and out.
  • Text Editing: Apple also makes renovation in editing text on both iPhone and iPad’s. Making them easier than before to write and edit docs. You can select text dragging your finger over it. Double-tap selects the word and the triple tap can select the entire sentence.

It will be curious to see if Apple builds upon this foundation with the next version of their operating system. For now there is consistency, but they will likely need to step up the wow factor in its next iteration. As the year continues, more rumors will abound. We will just have to wait and see.