Addmotor’s M-70 Retro Electric Moped Bike- New Way to Cruise


Electric bikes are becoming a popular option for those looking for alternative transportation solutions that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

E-bikes produce zero emissions, making them much better for the environment than cars or even bikes powered by traditional fuel sources. They also require less energy to operate, meaning they use fewer resources and help reduce our carbon footprint.

In addition to being more environmentally responsible, e-bikes can also save you money in the long run. Their lightweight design makes them more efficient than cars with less drag, meaning they can travel farther on less battery power and consume less electricity in the process.

Furthermore, the cost of ownership is usually lower compared to other vehicles due to their lack of maintenance needs or expensive parts replacements.

Today, we will review the newest addition to the e-bike family – the Addmotor M-70 Retro Electrci Moped Bike. This is a classic-style e-bike cruiser that offers riders a new way to cruise around in style and comfort.

Overview of Addmotor’s M-70 Retro E-bike


The Addmotor M-70 electric bike is a classic cruiser bike that offers riders a new way to cruise around in style and comfort.

This lightweight yet rugged machine will surely turn heads with its modern retro look.It has plenty of power, adjustable front, and rear suspension, a double disc braking system, a comfortable saddle, and a strong alloy frame – providing riders with an enjoyable ride experience.

User-Friendly Frame

The Addmotor M-70 Cruiser is crafted with a durable 7A19 Aluminum Alloy Frame that is engineered for long-lasting use without compromising on the weight or maneuverability of the bike.

Powerful Motor

At the heart of the ebike is a powerful 750W Bafang motor designed for increased torque and plenty of power.

This allows riders to easily tackle tough terrains while giving them control over their speed and acceleration.

High-Efficiency Battery

The ebike comes equipped with a 48V*20Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery for extended trip times.

The battery design ensures that you can travel up to 105 miles per charge, giving you plenty of time to explore beyond your usual destinations.

Suspension and Brakes

For rider comfort, the M-70 features adjustable front and rear suspension as well as double disc brakes for smoother stops even during wet weather conditions.

The mechanical Tektro Disc Brake provides optimal stoppage while being easy to operate, and aluminum alloy comfortable grips with motor cutoff offer extra protection when needed.

Other Features

The M-70 cruiser electric bike also includes some additional features for added convenience, such as an LCD display with USB port, Shimano 7-speed derailleur, KMC rust-resistant chain, Kenda 20” X 4” fat tires with 60 TPI casing wire bead 5-30 PSI capacity, and integrated front & rear fenders that prevent splashes when riding through wet roads or mud puddles.

Furthermore, it’s capable of carrying hefty loads of up to 300 lbs in total without any issue – making it perfect for both daily commutes and weekend rides alike.

The Addmotor M-70 Retro e-bike is an excellent all-around machine that caters to both recreational users and commuters looking for an efficient yet stylish form of transportation.

With its powerful motor coupled with its robust build quality and impressive range per charge – this electric tricycle will definitely delight anyone who gets their hands on it.

5 Advantages of Riding an E-bike


More and more people are turning to electric vehicles for their daily transportation needs. One of the most popular options is the e-bike. But what makes electric bikes so popular? Let’s take a look at the five advantages that make them such a great choice for commuters.


The biggest advantage of riding an ebike is that it’s eco-friendly. With no emissions and the ability to run on renewable energy sources, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.

And because most models are equipped with regenerative braking, you can even add back energy into your battery while you ride.

Easy To Use

Unlike cars or motorcycles, ebikes are incredibly easy to use. They only require one hand to steer and don’t require any special skills or knowledge in order to operate properly.

This makes them perfect for people who may not be comfortable with traditional forms of transportation like cars or buses.


Electric bikes are surprisingly affordable when compared to other forms of electric transportation, such as electric cars or scooters.

With a price tag that is oftentimes compared to traditional bicycles, they offer great value for money without sacrificing any features or benefits.

Convenient Storage

Another advantage of riding an ebike is that it offers convenient storage options compared to regular bicycles or scooters.

Most models feature front and rear cargo racks which can carry groceries, books, laptops, etc., making them ideal for running errands around town or commuting to work or school each day.

Fun Factor

Last but not least, riding an ebike is just plain fun. You can cruise through traffic jams with ease and enjoy the feeling of being on two wheels again without having to worry about pedaling up hills or treacherous terrain as you would with a regular bicycle.

Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find something that fits your personality perfectly.



Electric bikes offer many advantages over traditional forms of transportation such as cars and motorcycles, including being eco-friendly, easy to use, affordable, offering convenient storage options, and, most importantly, fun.

So, if you’re looking for a new form of transportation that can offer all the benefits of electric transportation without breaking the bank, then an e-bike is definitely worth considering.

We recommend you buy the Addmotor M-70 Retro E-bike, which offers an impressive 30 PSI capacity and integrated front and rear fenders that prevent splashes when riding through wet roads or mud puddles.

With its powerful motor, robust build quality, and impressive range per charge – this electric bike will definitely delight anyone who gets their hands on it.