Apple iPad vs. Android Tablets – 2024 Review

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Both the tablet and the iPad are considered “portable computers, “both were designed to make life easier for us. In this case, these gadgets are just screens, without keyboards or mouse, easy to use due to their small sizes and lightness.

Both can be used for educational purposes ranging from work to creating documents, writing reports, sending emails, and entertainment such as downloading game applications, listening to music, watching videos, and being connected to different social networks.

In terms of size, there is a wide variety of tablets, from 7 inches to 12. This helps the user have more variety to choose from:

Material Differences:

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  1. Material: The iPads outer casing is made of aluminum, unlike the android tablets, which have the possibility of finding plastic if looking for something cheaper. There are tablets in almost all price ranges, but in general, their prices are cheaper than the Apple’s iteration. Specifically, we can find tablets from 100 euros or even less, to others of 500 euros or more.
  2. IPads do not have a USB port or HDMI output, which means users, will have to buy adapters.
  3. The tablets have many free applications than the Apple’s device.
  4. The tablet has less storage capacity but has a slot for an SD memory card. The Apple’s tablet does not have a space to insert a memory expansion card.
  5. Apple makes iPads while various brands roll out different android tablets annually.

What is the difference between the iPad and Samsung tablet?

Nobody has managed to unseat the Apple device in sales, but it has lost market share when Samsung released their iteration.

Samsung has made a giant leap in quality over previous tablet models; it has increased in size, it is even thinner than the iPad, and both weigh about the same.

It should be noted that Samsung has achieved a higher screen resolution with densities of dots per inch more significant than Apple’s iPad, and images and videos will be much better with a tablet.

Have you heard of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 White 9.7 tablet? Thanks to its 9.7 ″ screen, you can see all your favorite documents and content correctly. With its Split Screen mode, there are no more opening and closing tabs since you can do different tasks simultaneously, the device has a storage capacity of 32GB + 3GB of RAM.

Besides, one of its most exciting features is the children’s mode, you have to select this option on the menu, and it will become the perfect device for the little ones in the house.

As for the mini iPad vs. tablet, it is clear that the mini iPad is smaller, more expansive, has a lower weight, and a screen with fewer inches. Even so, Apple has slightly increased the iPad mini’s size, thus enlarging the difference concerning Samsung tablets.

New iPad model

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Recently Apple released a new iPad model as seen on Vimeo and YouTube. These new devices offer you an incredible screen, first-rate performance, and many more apps than we are used to seeing on an iPad. Therefore, it is an improvement that they have wanted to incorporate compared to the Samsung tablets.

In addition to standing out for its Touch ID identity sensor, its 9.7-inch screen, 8 Mp camera, a million apps designed exclusively for the iPad, a more advanced, intuitive, and secure operating system, you can work and play with two apps at the same time, ask Siri to send an SMS and make automatic backups to iCloud to access your files from anywhere.

Apple wants to offer you a cheaper iPad with more features to reach a broader audience, we could say that it is the most affordable iPad in history.

Advantages of Android over iOS (over iPads)

You can expand, as a general rule, the capacity of the tablet in terms of storage memory using MicroSD cards.

That is, imagine that you buy the 32 Gb model (I strongly advise you not to choose a lower capacity). You want more storage to have all your collection of music and movies on your Android tablet, you acquire a 64 Gb MicroSD memory, and you will have 96 Gb of storage.

You can connect a pen drive directly to them to read the files, make backup copies, and anything else, you can fill that Pendrive, the internal memory, or a microSD card with multimedia files, series, movies, music, ideal for when you go on a trip, and you do not know if you will have an internet connection to see them online.

Many Android tablets have a micro HDMI connector through which, with an adapter, you can connect to the TV to, for example, use it as a multimedia player.

Greater openness of its operating system allows you to install applications without going through the box, that is, without having to resort to the Google online store. You can get files with the Android application extension, the apk, and run them on the tablet to install applications. You’d find a huge variety of android tablets and iPads at Phonebot.

As a reader of books and magazines, it is infinitely better than the iPad because of its hardware but because of the already mentioned opening of its operating system that will allow you to quickly move files between your PC or your cloud and your tablet.

Now that you know a little more about the difference between tablet and iPad, you will learn how to choose one or the other depending on your tastes and assess which one you need more.