How to Apply for a Spouse Partner Visa in the UK: Step-by-Step Instructions


Migration to the UK was always a dream for many. You could argue that the easiest way to attain a visa is by marrying or having a partner living in the UK. But, by no means it is easy to attain a UK visa. In recent years, especially after Brexit, things have changed. There are a few new aspects concerning getting a visa to move to the United Kingdom. If you’re planning to move to this beautiful country through a spouse-partner visa we have a few vital pieces of information to share with you.

If you have a partner living on the British island and you want to resume your matrimonial journey together you’ve come to the right place. We are about to lay down for you step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a spouse partner visa in the UK. While it is not a too complicated process, you must pay attention to various details. We’re here to help you with that. Once you finish reading this article you will be one step closer to your ideal life on the green pastures of Great Britain. Let’s start with what is a spouse-partner visa.

What is a UK Spouse Partner Visa?


This is the form of visa you’re looking for when you’re aiming to settle in the United Kingdom with your love interest. It is also called a UK Marriage visa. The majority of us simply call it family visa UK. Whatever you call it, it is the same visa with identical requirements. When you apply for it you aim at the starting 33 months of stay in the land. In this instance, your partner will be seen as your sponsor. After the initial 33 months have passed you’re eligible for a new 30 months of stay. After that, you are eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain which is one step away from being a Citizen of the UK. Where it all starts?

Step 1

First of all, you need to provide sufficient data that you’re eligible through suitability requirements. You must ensure that your name is not tied to any deportation order; that you’re not a subject of any criminal case both in the UK and in your homeland; and that every piece of data you provide of yourself is truthful. To show that you’re sustainable you need to attend an interview, provide all the necessary data, undergo a medical, and add any additional requirements you might be asked for. Bottom line is, the first step is a detailed preparation for your application.

Step 2

The UK immigration service takes its work seriously. Applying for a visa of this kind without providing proof of a genuine relationship is not possible. Once your application is official, you will receive all the necessary data that you need to have on you as proof of a partnership between you and your spouse. This includes photos, shared bank accounts, a certificate of matrimony, and everything that ties you as a couple. Head over to Australian Migration Lawyers to find out more about the migration process.

Step 3


As we said, things are taken seriously, and you’ll find some aspects of this visa as weird. This is one of them. You will have to undergo a TB test to enter the United Kingdom. That’s right. You will need to have a valid tuberculosis test. It mustn’t be older than six months. Also, it needs to be a formally certified clinic.

Step 4

This one is much more logical. You must have evidence that you’re adept at speaking English. This shouldn’t be too hard. Considering that you’re aiming to live in England or some other place in Great Britain and that the entire application process is in English you probably have enough knowledge of the language to pass this test.

Step 5

Both of you are required (partners in this case)would have to reach certain financial requirements. They’re necessary to receive this visa. If you’re not going to be employed on your arrival in the UK, a partner who is a UK resident needs to be able to take care of you. He will need to have evidence of his eligibility to do this by submitting his yearly check for income that mustn’t be lower than 18,600 pounds.

Step 6

Financial security is always followed by accommodation. In addition to providing financing for the partner that’s moving to the UK, the partner on the ground needs to guarantee accommodation. This would require data from the landlord or evidence of an owned property by the residing partner. Either way accommodation and financial security need to be guaranteed before you apply for this visa.

Step 7

This step is the moment when you need to review all of the data you’ve collected so far. You need to ensure that you have all the application forms and that they are filled out properly. Also, you need all the listed data on you with each document you’re required to present for your application to be secluded from another and clear to read. This is the part you don’t want to mess up. All of the work you’ve done so far could drop to water if you don’t have your papers in order.

Step 8


Work with papers is never done. Another important document you need to fill out is called Appendix 2 of the VAF4A form which can be found on every government website in the UK.

Step 9

When you fill this form with all the necessary data you need to move toward completing the visa application process. Considering that you’re not from the UK you’ll be applying online outside of the UK. So, ensure that you are well acquainted with the application that’s enlisted to your country of origin.

Step 10

When you have your data collected and all of your application forms filled out properly you will be one step closer to attaining this visa. All that is left is that your documents are reviewed. When they’re done by the immigration service you will be called for a Visa Centre Appointment. Remember the work is not done with this step, but it means that you’re almost there. Just remember. The rules are strict. You need to have everything in order before you submit it. Modern statistics show that many applications are refused on technicalities. So, review everything, and if you follow these steps to a fault you’ll be there in no time.