Are Smaller Cryptocurrencies Worth Investing


Cryptocurrencies are all the buzz right now. The world is scurrying towards global acceptance of cryptocurrencies for everyday use. Pretty soon, we’ll be getting close to even buying our groceries using cryptocurrency.

We’ve all heard of the grandmaster of cryptocurrency known as bitcoin, but do you know that there are a lot more cryptos on the market that are worth investing in. It is a common truth that it does not mean it will shoot up just because it is cheap.

However, with adequate research and patience, we’re sure that you can make the right decision to invest in the right cryptocurrency that is valued a lot less than bitcoin and other major players. In this article, we’ll state the various top minor valued currencies that you can invest in today and can make the decision yourself as to whether they’re worth your financial investment or not.

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The first cryptocurrency on our list is Cardano, invented by Charles Hoskinson, a person acclaimed for his ethereum blockchain platform. Cardano is a blockchain platform as well as a cryptocurrency that is fully open to the public eye.

The Cardano project is currently improving on a so-called “smart contract platform” as a part of the blockchain project. This contract platform focuses on making people avail newer and better features that have ever appeared on a blockchain algorithm. It is rare for a currency to be a part of a scientific paper, but Cardano is one of the currencies born from one.

Given its rise from a scientific background, this cryptocurrency has an R&D team of various technicians and engineers on the project. Other projects have faced three main projects, which is precisely what Cardano means to eliminate, such as scalability.

The developers have used a double-layered tactic called the Hydra Protocol, where the consensus proof state is employed to solve these problems. This sounds like a lot of techie jargon that you do not need to wrap your head around.

It is just essential to know that this hydra protocol is named after the greek monster hydra, a four-headed dragon-like demon that grows two more heads in the place of one if cut. Similarly, this hydra protocol is used to manage and solve various aspects of the platform for every problem.


The second crypto on our list is Ave. Ave is an indigenous governance coin that is derived from the ethereum project again. Although valued a lot less than Bitcoin, it has been smashing it in the current year, being one of the best contenders presently.

Named after a Finnish spirit, Ave aims to create a translucent software/market platform directly intended for a peer-to-peer function. This function that we’re talking about is the economic activities of buying and selling, for instance.

The best part about Ave is that it needs absolutely no registration or needs to know your purchase patterns. Everything that one needs to do is attach an e-wallet to the project platform and begin operating.

Extremely helpful crypto to invest in; this is slowly beginning to bring a revolution in our world’s banking function as it uses intelligent protocols to make an extensive network by making a pool in their investment money and to help those in need of loans on the blockchain platform.


The third crypto on the list is also one of the top 20 contenders for the best small valued cryptocurrencies on the market. It is a perfect one to invest in, and here’s what it is. Chain Link is another crypto/blockchain platform entirely decentralized and a part of the Oracle Network.

It uses smart contracts just like Ava to adapt and paste the current world’s answers on the platform. Who doesn’t love the decentralized feature of cryptocurrency? Everyone is racing to be a part of the platform.

But apart from the basic features of what a crypto platform offers, it is essential to know that present physical world applications are also a huge incentive to invest for an extended period as the value that people get out of this can be used in global markets at a considerable scale.

Suppose you aren’t familiar with smart contracts. In that case, it is just a rudimentary AI-based input-output system that will make many functions on the blockchain platform a lot easier and adaptable.

A few more examples out of thousands to give you a better idea of the power of smart contracts, such as to begin futures which are a financial derivative that obligates traders to buy or sell an asset at a predetermined price in the future commonly used for leveraged exposure on long or short positions.

This can be utilized by chainlink oracles that trades have access to real-time price data Another example for the use case of chain link in the finance sector is mentioned with bonds. This is pretty much just a financial agreement that enables short-term capital to be raised by issuing debt to be paid back at a later date.


You’ve heard of this one if you’ve seen the news or your social media feed. Dogecoin was all the hype in the past few weeks and is now on its way to a steady progression. You’ll know Dogecoin a lot better if you remember what happened earlier this year with Gamestop and the r/wallstreetbets subreddit.

Getting into that would be going off-topic, but basically, Dogecoin was created to make a massive disruption in the cryptocurrency platform. What started with a popular meme of a Shiba dog reacting to various scenarios, crypto enthusiasts on the platform decided to create a creation that would bridge the meme world and the financial world.

Dogecoin is predicted to have a growth rate of 4.1% in 2024 and might fall to 3.6% the following year. Whatever its valuation is, it is a good one to invest in and is very cheap.