Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Crypto Signals

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Usually crypto signals are categorized in two types; free signals and paid signals. In the free signals you are not paying any penny in return for the signals, and in the paid signals you are paying subscription charges. The common question I saw on the internet is what benefit free crypto signals providers are getting? Visually they are getting no benefit but in the backend they are getting big benefit by providing the free signals. If you are not paying for the product then it means you are the product. If you are not paying anything then it means you are giving them benefits in other forms.

No doubt the free crypto signals are trustworthy to use. I personally use the free crypto signals and earn good profit. The free crypto signals are available many where. You just need to find the best source. For finding the best source of the free signals, you have to strengthen your research and analysis skills. Let’s suppose you have found a reliable source of the free crypto signals but still there are many things that are concerned with the free signals. Free signals have lots of advantages but there are some disadvantages of the free crypto signals, you have to tackle them.

Advantages of Free Crypto Signals

There are plenty of advantages to free crypto signals. Some of them are mentioned below.

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1. Profit with zero Investment

The free crypto signals can generate good profit for you. If you are getting the free signals from the trustworthy channel and you are implementing that properly then you can gain good profit, without investing zero money. So this is the big advantage you can get from using the free crypto signals. So never think if you are using the free signals you can only be at a loss. In my career I started from free signals and earned good profit initially.

2. Chance of the Learning

In the free signals scenario you will always have the concept of not to trust blindly on it. So we will always try to find the source of the free signals and go in depth. Whenever we find the free signals try to find the backstory of it. This will help in exploring the reasons and some research and analysis that put on generating the free signals. So this is how we are learning the trade with the free signals.

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3. Free Updates

In the free signals you are getting the free updates of the things happening in the market. You will even get the notification of the crypto signals on your phone number and email you have provided to the channel. With the help of updates you can be a better trader. For example you are offline or you are travelling and suddenly you get the update of the crypto signal on your mobile number in the form message. If you think the signal can be profitable then you will try to trade on the spot. This is how updates can help you in earning more profit.


If something in the world has the advantages then for sure it has disadvantages as well. Similarly the free crypto signals have some disadvantages that are mentioned below.

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1. Risk Rate is high

If you are using the free then never think you are in safe trading. Free signals can never be reliable unless the source is reliable. You are always at risk with the free signals. So the only way to tackle it is to also do your own research. For example you are the free signal on the xyz coin, then you also have to research the xyz coin and check the market fluctuation graph. This will help you in making your decision. The market fluctuation will even guide you about the purchasing and selling of the coin. If you think the price is low and in future it will increase then you will buy the coin and in future when the price will go up you will sell the coin for a handsome profit.

2. Need to Share Personal Details

Sometimes you need to share your personal details like phone number and email number to the free crypto signals channel. Actually this is not a disadvantage but the people who are concerned about privacy must have a problem sharing their phone number and email. The channels asked for this information to make sure of the authorization of the trader. They also ask for the phone number and email, if you are not in the channel then you will get the notification of the new signal arrival on your phone and email.

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3. Scammer Threads

Scammers and cheaters have spoiled the crypto signals industry. There is a big fear of getting scammed in the crypto signal. I personally saw the new traders getting caught in the scams of the fake experts. For example there is a signal provider who is offering crypto signals at very low prices. In the glamour of the low prices cryptos signals you invest and in return you get the wrong signals. So in this way you will lose your money in the trading and in the crypto signals purchasing as well. So you have to make yourself careful and clever


There are more advantages and disadvantages of the free crypto signals but I listed just a few. It will alert you when you go to use the free signals. You just need to be careful on a few things while you are using the free crypto signals. Rest there is not a big deal if you are on the free crypto signals you can earn even more profit than the paid crypto signals. There are many perks you can get with the crypto signals but you also have to be aware of the disadvantages along. Especially the thread of the scammers. If you are much mature and clever then you can easily handle and tackle this.