Best RV Accessories & Gadgets In 2024

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Nowadays, travelling in RV has become a trend that many travellers are following. It gives the feeling of moving home and offers all the facilities that are available at home. Although travelling in an RV can be memorable, you can make it more comfortable and convenient by adding some of the latest RV accessories.

If you wish to explore the newest RV accessories and gadgets, you can visit Yourcamperlife as they provide in-depth guides about them. Here you will come across some of the most useful RV accessories you must have on your long RV trip. These accessories not only become helpful on a road trip but also add a stylish appearance to the RV.


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You might rent several essential gadgets for your RV, but one of the most prominent is the GPS. Most of the time, you will stay on the road, and thus, it is important to have GPS that helps you track your route’s destination. Moreover, RV’s come in different types such as varying length, size and width, which make it necessary to find a suitable GPS for your RV.

Once you find a perfect GPS for your RV, you will need to add the dimension details to find the best route according to your RV’s size. It will lead to a comfortable and safe journey in case of smaller or strange roads. Most of the normal GPS shows you directions that are suitable for regular cars, but the RV specific GPS shows you roads with proper width suitable for your RV. This feature ensures that you don’t get stuck with your RV on smaller roads.

WiFi Repeater and Booster

Regardless of where you are, you will always need a good internet connection as it a necessity for current times. Thus, the next essential gadget that you must-have for your RV is a WiFi booster and repeater. This device serves as a saviour in hard times by providing you signals even after being far away from a WiFi tower. Besides, it turns out to be useful, especially when you are enjoying your RV trip in a remote area and not getting the required signal for surfing the internet.

This device helps you catch signals from nearby WiFi towers and allows you to access the internet easily. Thus, if you have a WiFi repeater and booster, you won’t need to struggle with catching signals on your RV trip.

Electrical Management System

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While going on a long trip, keeping the RV and yourself safe from sudden voltage fluctuations is of utmost importance. That is when you need to install an EMS that protects the RV from high and low voltage fluctuations. It ultimately saves your trip from getting spoiled. You can obtain the same functionality by using surge protectors as they are cheaper and provide the same results.

Although EMS is costly, it is worth buying because it provides the best protection from electrical damage caused by overload. Besides, you don’t need to fret about voltage fluctuations while parking the RV in campgrounds with poorly installed electrical outlets.

Tire pressure checking system

While planning a long RV trip, you need to take all the safety precautions because a single mistake can create many serious troubles for you. One thing that you need to take care of on an RV trip is the tire’s pressure. When you drive for long distances without any halt, then the tire pressure will increase. If the tire doesn’t get enough time to cool down, it can burst on the road. That is when you will need a tire pressure monitoring system as it is one of the essential RV gadgets.

It will monitor your tire’s temperature and pressure throughout the trip and send an alert if there’s an issue. This tire pressure monitoring system also informs you if the tires are getting too hot or if the pressure is lower than the usual safe limit. Apart from monitoring the pressure, it will ensure that your tire’s rims are safe and prevent them from damaging during the journey.

Temperature monitor for pet safety

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If you are taking your pet on the RV trip, then having a temperature monitor is essential for you. This device makes sure that your RV’s temperature is suitable for your pet while you leave them alone in the RV. For monitoring the temperature, you need to set a specific temperature on the device and link it with your phone. If the temperature goes beyond the limit, it will send you an alert on your phone regarding the change so that you can quickly head towards the RV and take care of your pet.

Portable Solar Panels

A portable solar panel becomes useful while travelling for a longer duration. You will also find the fixed solar panels for your RV, but the portable ones are more useful and offer great benefits. For instance, if the temperature is higher and you want to park in the shade, then you can do it and charge your solar panels by moving them in the sun’s direction. So, parking in the shade will keep your RV cool, while repositioning the panels will help them charge in the sun.

Drinking water hose

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As a traveller, you can survive without food for some time but not without water. You cannot resist the urge to drink water for a longer time. That is when having a drinking water hose in your RV becomes important. Once you install the drinking water hose, you will need to find a water source in your proximity. Moreover, remember to fill your tanks before you start driving as you can use this water in case of no water source.

Weight Distribution Hitch

A weight distribution hitch becomes helpful while towing a vehicle or a travel trailer. It ensures safe towing by preventing the towed vehicle from moving off-road at a higher speed.  Moreover, it evenly redistributes the weight of the trailer and towing vehicle, which makes space for a levelled towing. While choosing a weight-distribution hitch for your RV, make sure that it is suitable for your RV size and the vehicle you are towing.


Having these essential accessories will always be beneficial for a comfortable journey, regardless of your RV trip’s duration.