Britney Spears Flashes Her Toned Body While Dancing To George Michael

Image source: Instagram

Britney Spears slipped into her sports bra and skimpy hot pants to twirl around her living room in lockdown. The “Toxic” singer (38) also exposed her enviably toned abs while singing on the karaoke to George Michael. She said “it’s called just being herself” as she danced around in a skimpy outfit to keep herself entertained.

Image source: Instagram

She looked incredible as she twirled around and moved back and forth while using her TV remote as a makeshift microphone.

Image source: Instagram

Britney gave her fans an extra treat on Monday with the dancing video, which came just hours after she’d posted a different clip of herself prancing around. The star also revealed what she’s been up to in lockdown, including watching “Ghost” for the fifth time on her couch while eating ice-cream and looking after her mental health and well-being.

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Don’t laugh at me getting the remote by the way …. I know it does look funny ?‍♀️ anyhow I haven’t had my hair done in a long time since we are social distancing so my hair is BAD ….. I will say it again BAD !!!!! Roots are ugghhhh ? but hey maybe I’m showing my dark side ??. I have been dancing a lot …. still with a little precaution as my foot continues to heal …. but I like to dance …. not by what the movement looks like but how my body FEELS …. and dance is one of the most sacred languages of the body !!!!! It’s so beautiful. I’m not really sure if this is hip hop, ballet or what have you …. I guess this is my own version. Just so you know I filmed probably 10 different versions of this but I’m just sharing 3 ….. third time's the charm, right??!? I also like to take classes and be watched by humans !!!!! PS ????? don’t we just love that silly emoji !!!!? Just Kidding peeps ? !!!!!! God bless you all ???.

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