10 Brochure Design Trends for 2024

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Do you think that brochures have gone the way of the dinosaur? Think again.

Although digital marketing is a necessary component in any marketing strategy, it hasn’t altogether replaced more traditional methods.

Brochures continue to be an effective means of getting noticed. Companies like www.concordimp.com specialize in creating and designing professional brochures.

So, if you’re considering creating a brochure for your company, organization, or event, you’ll want to know the best brochure design ideas for 2024.

1. Moving Away From the Grid

Designers have always had a love-hate relationship with the grid. Sometimes it’s king. At other times it’s to be avoided like the plague.

While the grid continues to be important in designing logos, more and more brochure designers are moving away from it. They want more freedom to experiment when creating a layout.

The result is a unique brochure with a design aesthetic that breaks the rules. In other words, one that demands to be noticed.

2. Colorful Fonts

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While there’s no standing rule that states that fonts must be in black, white, or neutral tones, it has been a way designers have played it safe in the past.

But in 2024, colorful fonts are coming to the forefront. Part of the reason for this is the release of more advanced software to facilitate their use. Whatever the case, you’ll likely see this trend pick up some force.

3. Highly Visual Images

Falling in line with the use of color in fonts, brochure design is showing a trend toward highly visual elements with color and images.

These are particularly popular for brochure designs that will only be shared digitally. But a brochure with a combination of high color and image designs can be quite impactful in print as well.

Visual elements that are easy to understand and able to communicate a single message are especially powerful.

With advanced capabilities offers by printers, designers have more options for colors, images, and bleeds that will work well with the paper and printing selections they’ve chosen.

4. Line Art

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In 2024, line art was famous for designing icons and apps. This trend is expected to extend to brochures in 2024. Line art gives a folder a unique and impactful style.

Designers can utilize it to provide detail while simultaneously keeping the design simple. It’s a powerful yet simple tool for designers.

5. Bright and Bold Colors

In the past few years, designers have moved away from explosive colors in exchange for more subdued hues in their designs. The notion was that these muted colors conveyed a more sophisticated brand.

That’s changed for 2024. Designers are swapping out the flat colors for those that are brighter and bolder. This is particularly true for long-established companies that are looking to rebrand.

Designers will be using different gradients and patterns and juxtaposing more vibrant and saturated colors to explore a wide range of effects.

6. Use of Illustration

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Illustration delivers an element of surprise in design. Plus, it’s a clever and eye-catching way to provide a message.

Designers will be using illustration in 2024 to convey originality. They’ll be using a wide variety of illustrations to interact with the audience and send a brand message.

While images of products or services have been useful in the past, an illustration will provide a more artful opportunity to draw interest while giving information.

7. A Mixture of Typography

The design trend for 2019 was designers sticking to a set pattern of typography. Many opted for bold typefaces to catch a viewer’s attention.

But as an increasing number of brands are customizing their typography, designers are expected to do a lot of experimentation in 2024 by incorporating different typefaces.

By utilizing a mix of typefaces, designers can convey a different feel from one part of the brochure to another. That means that they may use one font on the cover and another on the inner folds.

The current trend shows that designers are even using different typefaces in one place. The heading may have one font, while the body text uses another.

Although mixing typefaces was something graphic designers once frowned upon, it appears to be getting the okay for 2024.

8. Creative Effects and Textures

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The purpose of a brochure is to provide information. That doesn’t mean it can’t have some flair, though. Designers in 2024 are utilizing different tactics to make brochures more memorable.

For instance, they may use foil to accent lettering or a specific feature. Or a unique gloss or matte finish may be applied to a particular part of the design.

Textured papers can set the tone for a brochure while using die cuts to cut out parts of the design to reveal the next page delivers a sense of mystery.

Finally, designers aren’t sticking with just bi- or tri-folds for their designs. More interesting fold patterns can encourage user engagement.

9. Detailed-Vintage

Vintage art has always been accessible to some extent.For brochure design in 2024, designers are expected to use vintage elements with even more enthusiasm, though.

Retro aesthetics make a lasting impact while conveying the idea that a company has a vision rooted in the past while looking forward to the future.

The vintage style is particularly useful for the food and beverage industries where staying power is critical.

10. Minimal Design

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Despite all of that is trending in 2024, there’s still something to be said for the less is more approach.

One of the most prominent benefits designers have found with minimal design styles is that there is less to worry about when it comes to printing and quality control. They can increase readability by avoiding reverse type. And using a white background means there’s less possibility of ink smearing.

Minimal styles give designers more choice with paper stock as well.

The bottom line is, minimal design will always be classic. It’s never gone out of style.

Now You Know the Best Brochure Design Trends for 2024

Even though digital marketing gets all of the attention, there’s still a lot to be said by grabbing a potential client with a great brochure.

Knowing the best brochure design ideas for 2024 will undoubtedly help make your brochure even more impactful.

And if you’re not up for doing the design yourself, contact a custom design and print company to create a brochure to fit your specific needs.