Building a Man Cave Bar: What Equipment You Will Need to Buy?


Man Cave Bar is the perfect place to have a drink with friends, watch sports or just escape the bustle of the modern world.

The design of such an establishment requires careful planning and investment in proper equipment.

First, you should choose the right design and interior items that best emphasize its style.

Secondly, you need to think about the equipment: buy a home kegerator and kegs, beer tower, faucets, tap handles, etc., which will make beer dispensing even more convenient and spectacular.

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List of Things You Need in Your Man Cave


The first thing you need to do is decide on which design is your preferred.

  1. If you are a businessman and want to have a place at hand where you can invite colleagues or potential partners after work? Then consider the creation of a bar in the office style, where it will be convenient to conduct business and combine work with leisure.
  2. Sportsmen can design a nook that reminds them of their favorite sport. You can decorate it with your own sports trophies or other items that are associated with your favorite activity. Do not forget to equip the bar with a large screen for watching your favorite matches and competitions.
  3. Are you a fan of some band? Then decorate your man cave bar with appropriate posters, music records or even a celebrity autograph.
  4. For those who are interested in some movie or TV series, it is worth considering the interior in the style of this movie.
  5. If you are a gamer, use the theme of your favorite game for your home bar. It will also be useful to provide a large selection of games for you and your guests.

You can realize any interior: The only limit is your imagination!

Now that you have decided on the design, let’s move on to the selection of items suitable for your tasks:

  • Furniture

Without what can not do any man cave bar? Of course, without cozy armchairs or a sofa, which can comfortably accommodate you and your friends.

Alternatively, you can use chairs instead of armchairs. This is especially true if your bar also has a bar counter that will look better with bar stools on high legs.

Also, do not forget about the table where you can put glasses of beer and snacks.

Make sure that the furniture fits the style of your establishment: leather furniture looks good in an office- or sports-style man cave bar, for a real cowboy it is better to choose wooden furniture, and for the bar in the loft style add more metal products.

  • Tableware

Think about what dishes you will use to serve your appetizers and drinks.

For pubs in a rustic style you can buy wooden or ceramic mugs, for a modern-style establishment glass tableware is the optimal option.

You can also decorate them with personalized accessories.

  • Gadgets

This includes all that will help to organize your leisure time: TV, console, table games, etc.

  • Lighting

Proper lighting ensures that your home bar will look even more stylish and attractive.

You can install neon signs like in a real bar, add spot lighting to highlight a particular area, place wall boards and other lamps. The lighting can be a kind of finishing touch that will emphasize the advantages of your man cave bar!

Man Cave Bar Equipment List


Let’s move on to the choice of the equipment, without which your man cave bar cannot do.


Kegs are an integral part of any home bar. They offer many advantages, including the ability to serve different types of beer without having to constantly replenish the stock of cans and bottles. In addition, the kegs provide a more even flow, ensuring that the beer always has the perfect temperature and level of carbonization.

So, if you produce small batches of beer, consider buying Corny Keg or Quarter Barrel Keg.

Home kegerator

This equipment for beer storing in kegs is indispensable for any lover of delicious fresh beer.

First, it ensures an uninterrupted flow of chilled beer without much trouble with replenishment.

Secondly, the home kegerator provides ideal conditions for storing and serving different beer varieties, so that they will be served at ideal temperature and pressure.

In addition, such a piece of equipment adds sophistication to any home bar, making it an important investment for anyone who wants to build a good man cave bar.

There are many different types of home kegerators available on the market: portable, built-in, and full-size. You can also buy a 2 in 1 kegerator for simultaneous storage of drinks in kegs and bottles.

Beer dispenser and draft beer faucet

The beer tower is a vertical container that holds a large volume of beer and is equipped with a beer tap/taps.

This equipment not only adds a touch of sophistication to each man cave bar but also ensures the convenience of beer dispensing directly from the tap.

In addition, it keeps your beer cool and fresh, eliminating the need to go to the fridge often. With the beer tower, you can easily entertain guests each time enjoying a perfect pint of beer.

You can choose from the following types of dispensers:

  • With a different number of taps: from 1 to 16. The taps are installed at the top of the beer tower and are used to pour craft beer from a barrel to a glass. There are also different types of taps: automatic, with a front or rear sealant, for ale and stout dispensing, etc.
  • Made of brass, chrome, ceramic or stainless steel;
  • Different models: T, T-box and Y-towers, elbow and wall-mounted, double, cylindrical, European or indie style.

Tap handles


Beer taps are an important element of any home bar.

They not only facilitate the process of drink dispensing but also serve as an excellent marketing tool that can tell the philosophy of your man cave bar.

You can choose from:

  • wood or ceramic products;
  • rectangular or cylindrical tap handles, with a knob or paddle-shaped;
  • of different colors;
  • with different branding, which is selected based on your personal preferences.

Cooling system

The cooling system keeps beer and other beverages at optimum temperatures and ensures that they are always fresh and refreshing.

There are two types of cooling systems available: air or glycol. The first option is suitable for the bars where the kegs and the beer tower are close to each other. For example, under the counter.

Glycol cooling is designed for bars where the kegs and the beer tower are at a considerable distance. The glycol system also provides faster and more accurate cooling.

Regardless of which of the two systems you choose, they are an essential component of any pub, without this piece of equipment your beer and other drinks would spoil quickly.

A stylish interior and efficient beer equipment are the two key components of any man cave bar.

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