Offset And Kulture Bear A Striking Resemblance In Cardi B’s Latest Post

Image source: Instagram

You may not have noticed a resemblance between these two before, but baby Kulture is the spitting image of her daddy Offset in this new photo. The father-daughter duo appeared to be watching TV together when mama Cardi captured them in an adorable moment. Even Cardi was shocked by how much Kulture favored her father in the photo, as she captioned the shot, “Deadass look alike here”.

Image source: Twitter

That same night, Cardi posted a video on her Instagram story of Offset tossing Kulture in the air. In the clip, Offset lifts Kulture up high before she flips upside down and lands on her feet. While the two of them were showing off their acrobatic skills, Cardi can be heard saying, “Oh my goodness, heart attacks.”

Cardi B also shared with her fans a new snap in a @fashionnova green bikini, showing off her new tattoo upgrade with colorful flowers and butterflies up her back, pairing it up with an ultramarine blue hair, nails, and Hermes bag.

Image source: Instgram
Image source: Instagram