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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp made the very controversial decision to re-open non-essential businesses, like gyms, barbershops, and bowling alleys, at the end of this week.

Joining Cardi B after the rapper criticized Governor Kemp’s decision to re-open businesses in Georgia, T.I. has officially chimed in with an acronym for all of us to decode.

“Dear Georgia, IDGAFWKSYBSYBAITMFH,” wrote the Atlanta legend on Instagram.

Image source: Instagram

“I don’t give a f*** what Kemp says, y’all better stay y’all bitch asses in the mother-f***ing house”. He followed up that message with one that concerns solely Atlanta.

“Atlanta: YKWTFGO,” he added. Translation: “Atlanta, you know what the f*** goin’ on”.

This is definitely a witty way of criticizing Governor Kemp about his ways of addressing the pandemic.

Image source: Instagram