Cardi B Debuts A Huge New Back Tattoo

Image source: Instagram

Cardi B loves her tattoos to be as loud as her personality. The Bronx native often opts for colorful, large-scale pieces to decorate her skin. She’s got a huge peacock taking up a lot of space on her hip and now, she’s got a great butterfly piece on her back.

Image source: Pinterest

Taking to Instagram Stories, Cardi B showed off a work-in-progress on her back, noting that she’s still got two more sessions before the ink is complete.

Tagging the tattoo artist, the rapper debuted the new piece, which shows colorful butterflies and flowers. It is currently unclear whether she got the piece touched up in quarantine but it’s worth noting that in Atlanta, where she has a home with Offset, tattoo parlors are allowed to serve clients.

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She didn’t give fans a good view of the new art and, since it’s on her back, she’ll likely need somebody to take a solid photo for her.

Just the other day, the rapper asked fans for ideas on what to cover up some of her existing tattoos with. Her back was previously bare, but this definitely isn’t the only new ink she’s considering.