How Has the Casino Industry in Oklahoma Adapted in 2024?

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Oklahoma has the highest percentage of casinos in the US, with over 100 casinos in 50 different counties, all managed by the state’s tribes.  Despite having so many casinos, online gaming is still limited in Oklahoma in that it only permits a few online casino activities. 

Mainly, residents can only wager on horse races, the most popular form of online betting in the state. However, tribal casinos can offer casino gaming, including slots, table games like Blackjack, and many others. Below is a breakdown of how casinos are adapting in Oklahoma. 

Online Gaming in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma has for the longest time been referred to as a state with strict online gaming rules. While that is true, the problem is that Oklahoma enables extra online casino gaming than most states in the country. 

Besides, the casinos provide loads of various methods to place wagers in online casinos that function here. With almost one hundred brick and mortar establishments, an intrastate online casino community’s enactment looks like a logical move. 

So far, there has been very few discussions about legitimizing, licensing, and regulating online casinos in Oklahoma. However, this far, the talks haven’t done much in making online casinos illegal. As such, you’ll find a selection of the best Oklahoma casinos like highlights. 

How far Towards Legalizing Online Gaming?

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For sure, that is tough to say. As we have noted above, the state doesn’t have clearly defined rules banning online gaming. All it says is the casinos are illegal. As a result, residents here continue to enjoy online gaming with peace, either from tribal casinos or offshore sites. 

The majority of states that have recently legalized online gaming have had a series of bills as part of the process. As of now, Oklahoma doesn’t have any pending bills, which makes it hard to predict how soon the residents can expect to play from in-state online casinos. 

Moreover, some states have taken various measures to expand legislation for online sports betting and poker and casino games. Oklahoma may follow this, but there is no realistic timeframe at the moment.

Providing Economic Opportunities

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Gaming has been an engine of economic growth for Oklahoma and its residents. It has provided hundreds of employment opportunities and also supported small businesses. The same is the case in 2024, in which the tribal-based casinos continue to thrive in Oklahoma. 

Being the primary providers of gaming services, the state continues to employ more people and help small businesses grow. The year kicked off at a remarkable pace for most casinos. Many of them are adapting to the new regulations. 

Although they might not employ as many people as before the pandemic, they are still a key pillar of economic growth in the state.  And with the industry returning to normalcy, it will soon create more opportunities

Daily Fantasy Sports Betting in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma has not yet made a ruling for or against the provision of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). What this means is that fans of fantasy sports in Oklahoma can take part in various DFS contests. 

The selection of DFS operators is broad, with brands like FanDuel and DraftKings being some of the sites that offer various daily fantasy sports. The practice will continue being acceptable under the gray area of Oklahoma’s law unless lawmakers take a stance for or against the sports. 

Horse Race Betting 

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Betting on horse races is the only form of gaming that the state seems to have a clear ruling about; it is legal. Players in Oklahoma can bet on horse races either online or in the tribal casinos. Notably, the state has practiced horse racing since 1982. 

Currently, Oklahoma has several racetracks located on tribal lands where bettors can enjoy pari-mutuel and online betting. Besides the tribal casinos, many other sites offer friendly and diverse betting markets.

The Fate of Sports Betting

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Sports betting nearly became legal in Oklahoma in 2024 after two tribes tried to negotiate with the state to offer betting on various sports. While the state’s Supreme Court nixed the idea, the episode showed a high demand for sports wagering among different key stakeholders. 

Online sports betting is not legal, but the state is currently enjoying extensive horse race betting coverage. Many players in Oklahoma have accounts at out-of-state casinos where they get access to sports betting. 

Even in 2024, the state hasn’t yet shown signs of legalizing diverse sports betting. The industry is readjusting to what has been initially legal, such as casino games in tribal casinos. For now, gamers have to be content with this and continue sports betting at out-of -state bookmakers.

Bonuses to Attract Players

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Casinos are giving generous offers to entice more players to join the sites. Regular players also benefit from these promotional offers, which some casinos are personalizing to meet their specific gaming patterns. 

Many of the gaming sites are adopting by ensuring they keep their promotions regular and unique. For instance, instead of giving out similar rewards that gamers have been used to, some casinos have found ways to make these promotions more exciting. 

This may include hosting tournaments or treasure hunts where top players get cash prizes. Some are even going an extra mile of paying trips for the top players. Likewise, the casinos have exclusive VIP Loyalty Programs where they treat loyal players like royals.

Rebuilding Amid COVID-19

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The pandemic led to the temporary closure of most casinos in Oklahoma. It was not until recently that some of them resumed their operations. The casinos are adopting well following reopening, although some of them are still seeing a small number of customers. 

Moreover, the state’s casinos are taking every precaution to enhance your security. Hence, the next time you plan to visit any of the physical casinos here, ensure you carry your face mask and maintain social distancing.

Apart from this, the casinos are slowly recovering from the effects of the pandemic. Indeed, some of them have started to register an increase in the number of customers. The gaming industry is gradually adapting to the new changes, an indication that they are on the right path.