6 Tips for Choosing the Right Promotional Products – 2024 Guide

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Promotional products are an incredible way to advertise your brand. Still, choosing the optimal type can be a daunting task. The products you choose should properly convey the message of your brand while being unique and interesting enough to attract new clients and keep your old ones happy. Your customers can be the best brand ambassadors you’ve ever had, so you have to ensure you get the best possible products to promote your business.

Well, if you’re unsure of where to start, we’re here to help you! In this short guide, we’ll go over our top 6 tips for choosing the optimal promotional products to make your brand stand out from the competition!

So, without further ado, let’s get to the bottom of it!

Know your brand

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While this may seem obvious, the better you know your business, the easier will it be to find the right promo products. Any promotional material has to be in line with your brand’s message and aesthetics. If you, for example, run a cosmetics store, getting football jerseys or custom umbrellas from branded-brolly.co.uk to promote your brand might not be the best idea. So, yes, get something that lines up with your brand and something that will help your potential customers remember what you’re all about.

It’s of the utmost importance that the potential clients can make the connection between the promotional products and the goods or services you’re offering. Still, make sure it’s not something generic and easily forgettable.

Keep it unique

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You’re not the only one who’s using promotional products in their marketing tactic, your competitors are probably doing it too. Therefore, your highest priority should be finding a way to stand out from the competition effectively. The best way to go about it is to be creative and different. While you should go for whatever’s trendy and popular at the moment, make sure to add your own twist to it.  For example, if you’re planning on promoting your brand with some fun stickers, make sure to get custom clear stickers and custom sticker rolls such as those at zigpac. Put some effort into creating a distinct design, and consult a reliable graphic designer if you can afford it.

The key to effective marketing is being as creative as possible; otherwise, your campaign might end up being too uninteresting. If your potential customers feel indifferent to these products, you’ll just be wasting your precious time and resources for nothing. So, get your whole team on board and keep on brainstorming until you’ve found a good solution.

Know your target group

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You can’t choose the perfect product without knowing what your target group is first. You want to optimize these products to their needs and preferences, and that’s what’s important. So, analyze the market before you even start browsing for products. Who are your customers? Are they predominately men or women? What are their likes and dislikes? How can you make them want to buy your products?

Once you find a fitting answer to all of these questions, the search for the optimal promotional product will become a breeze. Whatever you do, never start a promotional campaign without doing proper marketing research beforehand. If you do, you’ll be finding your way in the darkness, so you’ll be more likely to fail.

Make it useful

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What we think by “making your promotional products useful” is not that your products wouldn’t be effective if there was no use for them other than just being aesthetically pleasing. By useful we mean making it a part of your customer’s daily routines! This will, again, depend on your target group: do your customers regularly use pens? What’s their style? Can they make use of additional desk supplies? Do they lead an active lifestyle? In what way can your product benefit them?

Whatever the answer to these questions is, it’s your golden ticket to the perfect promotional product! When your customers are able to use the promotional product daily, they’ll be more likely to remember your brand the next time they go shopping.  So, shoot for longevity and usefulness.

Consider the location

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Where are you going to distribute the product? Its characteristics should be appropriate for the occasion and the place where you’re planning to hand them out. If you’re able to, choose something that will be useful to people while they’re still staying at the event. For example, if you’re a fashion store owner, you could order a customized tote bag that your customers can use while shopping at the mall.

So, overall, having the location and the type of the promotional event in mind can help you choose an effective solution. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for stickers, bags, t-shirts, or mugs, as long as they fit the event properly. Considering the location while you’re choosing a promotional product can help you narrow your options down, simplifying the entire process.

Be flexible and analyze your progress

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There’s nothing more important than keeping track of your campaign. Even if your promotional strategy ultimately fails, if you don’t analyze the situation as it develops, you won’t know why it all went down like this.

When you put some effort into analyzing and tracking your progress, you’ll know where and how to make improvements to fix the entire campaign. It will also allow you to be flexible, and turn to alternative solutions before it’s too late. It’s a great way to collect data for making new plans in the future. Try retargeting, changing the location, finding new ways to distribute the products, and eventually, you’ll find something that works.

The bottom line

All in all, promotional products are an effective way of self-advertisement. They promote customer engagement, customer loyalty, and they can potentially boost your sales as well. So, they’re a worthy investment to make.  As long as you consider the advice given in this article, we’re sure you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in a timely manner.