How Consumers Fight Record High Household Debt


In response to recent news that total U.S. household debt rose by an astounding 8% annually, millions of already hard-working consumers are seeking additional sources of income. Actually, the trend of hunting for extra streams of funds had already begun during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2024 and then into early 2024. But the bottom line of the official government data is that household debt, which includes five main sub-categories, has a profound effect on the nation’s overall economic health and the well-being of everyday working people.

The good news is that most folks who put in the effort to work a few extra hours each week can effectively fight the record high debt’s negative impact. As many people discover, there’s no need to take on a second full-time job to reduce their personal debt. In fact, even micro jobs in which workers put in 10 hours or so per week can be enough to pad savings accounts, pay down credit cards, add to mortgage payments, and generally alleviate much of the financial distress that comes with monetary strains. What kinds of jobs are strapped consumers choosing? There are dozens of popular selections, but the following are among the current favorites.

1. E-Commerce


Setting up an e-commerce store is at the top of many to-do lists for working adults who are coping with debt and want to bring in some additional monthly cash. The main drawback is that it typically takes about six months or more to begin generating a profit on the average e-store. But the learning curve is relatively short, and owners can choose from literally thousands of products and services to sell. There are two ways to approach e-commerce. The primary business template involves buying items in bulk and then reselling them in your own online store. Another, usually more profitable tactic is to make or manufacture your own goods, either tangible or digital, and sell them directly to the public.

2. Online Trading

Perhaps the most popular home-based way of potentially earning a reliable second income is online trading. At some of the most respected platforms and brokerage sites like AvaTrade at, individuals who work a regular 9-to-5 shift can put in as many or few hours as they wish doing something exciting. Buying and selling stocks, commodities, cryptocurrency, forex, and other assets gives people a chance to work whenever they want, for the most part, and risk any amount of capital. There are no minimum investments with the better online brokers, so it makes sense to start out small and then build up the amount of trading capital as you gain skill and confidence. It’s pretty common for newcomers to the trading world to spend a few weeks learning the basics and becoming comfortable with placing trades on a regular basis.

3. Academic Tutoring


Many people seek to find a tutor online and computer-based academic tutoring, primarily for math and English, is soaring in popularity and contending to become the top-ranked remote position for part-time job seekers. How can you find a good paying position in the niche? Brush up on high school mathematics and English language skills, especially subjects like calculus, trigonometry, and ESL (English as a second language). There’s another category that is also booming, and that’s test preparation for college-bound youth. If you have or can acquire skills in any of those areas, the pay is very good, and workers can take on as many hours per week as they can handle.

4. Paid Surveys

Doing paid surveys for part-time income is a real way to earn additional cash and lessen the bite of rising household debt. However, for the best results, be sure to stick with the top companies. There are about five of them that offer an endless stream of surveys, and you can fill out hundreds per week if you have the time. The two upsides to the job are a totally open schedule. Workers can do surveys at any time and any day of the week. Second, the work is exceptionally easy because all the companies want are your opinion on various products. The downside is that pay is not much better than the minimum wage level.

5. Website Evaluation


Currently, there are three reputable organizations that hire home-based website evaluators. The pay is not much more than doing surveys, but for those who are good at doing evaluations, there are regular raises and a steady stream of work. The position entails reviewing new and existing websites for ease of use and other factors that have the potential to impact profitability. Most companies that hire workers offer a paid training period that lasts about two weeks. Evaluators who like the assignments tend to stay and aim for raises and long-term employment.

The Causes of Household Debt

The causes of household debt are complex and multi-faceted. Debts can stem from various sources, such as accrued interest, high minimum payments, or large loan amounts. Debt can also be caused by poor financial decision-making, such as spending too much on unnecessary items or not saving enough.

To reduce their burden, consumers have increasingly turned to credit counseling and debt management programs. These services can help reduce the amount of interest that must be paid and help borrowers improve their financial situation overall. In some cases, however, household debt may be an unavoidable reality for some households. For example, many people may need to borrow to purchase a home or to finance a long-term education goal.


As we continue to experience record high levels of household debt, more and more consumers are turning to tactics like negotiating lower interest rates and taking advantage of available credit counseling services. By understanding the various strategies that are available to you and learning how to put them into practice, you can help protect yourself from becoming one of the millions of Americans struggling with unmanageable debt. We hope that this information has helped you with better understanding of household debt. Thank you for reading!