Epitome Of Greed: Super-Rich Are Taking Taxpayers Bailouts

Image source: 2luxury2.com

Mega-rich bosses have been slated for applying for taxpayer bailouts to pay staff. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme allows employers to reclaim 80% of staff salaries.

Image source: Daily Mirror/ Sir Philip Green yacht

Topshop boss is among of moneybags chiefs taking advantage of the Government plan designed to save jobs during the coronavirus outbreak.

McDonald’s is firing 135,000 workers, fashion chain Primark 30,000, Greggs 25,000, Costa Coffee 16,000 and Nissan 6,000. Virgin Atlantic is calling on the Government to pay the wages of 8,000 workers despite being part-owned by Sir Richard Branson, worth an estimated $5 Billion.

Image source: lodgingdestinations.com/Branson’s private island

Luke Hildyard, director of the High Pay Centre, said: “People all over the country are taking a hit to their incomes and living standards as a result of the coronavirus, but those riding out the disruption on private islands and yachts have not been affected in any meaningful way”, and added: “There will be virus villains and virus heroes when we look back”.