What Masks Will Keep You Safest During Covid-19?

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Along with various other protective solutions, such as social distancing and using sanitizers – face masks are an excellent way to control the spread of the Covid 19. They can be an affordable, convenient and effective solution for your needs.

Various agencies including the World Health Organization recommend using them in any public setting. So, what face masks will keep you safest during the Covid-19 pandemic? The answer to this question relates to various factors, which we look at in this guide.

Things to Consider

Before buying a specific type of mask, especially buy online face masks, you have to make informed decisions for your safety. There are many different safe ones each with its unique benefits and drawbacks. A few of these face masks you are likely to encounter include:

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1. N95 Respirators

According to the FDA, N95 Respirators are a protective device, which provides a close facial fit, and can filter out airborne particles. That said, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention does not recommend it for public use. The main reason for this opposition is to ensure people such as medical responders are safe.

According to a recent study, N95 mask are the safest ones for Covid-19. They have an excellent transmission resistance of up to 95%. Other high-filtration masks like the one’s sold at AusAir which has the same level of protection as seen in N95 are excellent for travel as well. However, it’s also good to be aware of counterfeit products that are increasing during the pandemic. A few signs that show if n95 for sale is legitimate to include:

  • It has markings on the filtering of the mask.
  • It has an approval number on any section of the mask.
  • Has NIOSH appropriately spelled
  • It does not have any decorative additions, such as fabric.
  • The overall structure and material construction is high-quality.

2. Cloth Face Masks

These refer to masks made using traditional linens, such as those you find in clothes with high thread counts. While these ones are not at the same level as the n95s, they are still effective in controlling the spread. Besides that, they are also affordable and readily available. So, they are a preferred version among many people across the world – and are easy to make DIY as well.

To choose the ideal cloth face mask, a few factors to consider include:

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  • The material construction – it should have at least a few layers of filtering material. The types that have woven fabric, along with filtering in the middle, are best. The filter can be a surgical mask or coffee filter.
  • Go for flexible material – consider masks that are made using tightly woven fabric. Its excellent material because it will sit comfortably on your face. Otherwise, you face might have gaps, which can provide a pathway for the disease.
  • Go for ear ties and not ear loops – you will find it easy to control the mask’s fit and structure if you can secure it around the head. Earloops, on the contrary, can create leave spaces on the side of our face.

3. Surgical Masks

Long used by various medical professionals, surgical masks are also the best ones to keep you safe during the Covid 19 pandemic. According to the FDA, a surgical mask is a loose-fitting and disposable gear that you can use to cover the nose and mouth. It should also protect you from any contaminants that exist in the environment.

While many people refer to these as facemasks, they are still subject to various quality checks and procedures. Besides, they vary in many aspects, including density, quality, and more. They are suitable for stopping Covid-19 but are not as durable as the N95 respirators or cloth masks.

You may have to replace them after a few days of use because the filter might break down. The good thing is that they are highly effective when in good condition.

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4. Double Masks

If you still doubt your homemade or the traditional facemask, there is another helpful solution. Double up the protection! Even if there are no two handmade face coverings that are similar, the flimsy types have a few standard features.

They tend to be frail, have gaps on the sides of your face, and don’t have additional filtering material. Putting on two masks can help you address the challenges. It can provide almost the same protection as wearing an n95.

This type of mask can provide enhanced particle filtration results. To be specific, the face mask provides an obstacle course for the particles to get through. However, avoid wearing three masks, as this can compromise your ability to breathe correctly.

What Are The Masks To Avoid?

In the process of choosing the best safest mask for COVID-19, you also have to be aware of a few things to avoid. For instance, the ideal face covering can control the travel distance and amount of expiratory droplets. Any mask that fails to meet these requirements is just a waste of your precious money.

However, the other few signs of an unsafe mask will include:

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  • Spaces on the side – any mask that fails to cover your entire face is not safe because it provides room for expiratory droplets to pass through.
  • Flimsy construction – a flimsy mask will likely provide large spaces that will lead to Covid bacteria’s penetration.
  • Presence of exhalation valves – some masks come with these valves to help improve respiration. However, they are not suitable for stopping the spread of COVID-19.
  • Uncomfortable– the mask should be ergonomic and comfortable, regardless of how many hours it’s on your face.

Choosing a suitable mask is crucial, and there are a few key things that you have to take into perspective. You have to be aware of the commonly used facemasks and a few tell-tale signs that a mask is not safe.

Once you are well informed, choosing a safe mask will become a secure process. So, you can save up lots of helpful cash for various other essential things in your life.