Tips on Decorating Huge Blank Walls in Your Home 2024

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Home decor is one of the most frustrating parts of managing a home. If you purchase the wrong decorations, you will have a bunch of random items that don’t display a central theme. The rooms will look messy, not lived in, and loved. If you have purchased items that don’t interact well with the ambiance of the room, return the pieces and start again. A well-decorated place does not happen overnight, but it is worth it if you have the patience.

Maybe you have one or several massive walls with nothing on them to add decorations in the rooms of your home. You might be perplexed on what you should put on them; then, this guide is for you. As you read this article, we will inform you of several tips about how to decorate the large blank walls in your home.

Here are a few ideas and tips to help you fill the blank wall in your room

Posters and Artwork that Reflect your Soul

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Art is a common way to transform a room into your personal space. No matter where you buy your Artwork from, make sure each piece is a reflection of your tastes and your interests. Do not try and fill up a blank space with random pieces found while shopping. You won’t care about these items since you will end up disliking the sight of the art. You will not feel comfortable in your space.

You can also look for art that comes in several pieces, as it will help fill up a blank wall and give it a consistent theme. Do not choose Artwork that is the same color as the wall, and check to see if there is enough room if you are buying paintings that come in a set.

You can find many beautiful and inspiring posters of any shape here.

Wall Hangings that Dazzle you with Color

Not a popular as Artwork, wall hangings should not be dismissed or overlooked. One piece of fabric can completely transform a room and give the room a personality. A good rule of thumb is to purchase your wall hanging that is the color of your couch or bed. Avoid matching the wall hangings neither to the carpet nor the color of the walls. They already have a significant impact on the room.

Plants to add a bit of Life in Each Room

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Over the past several years, there has been a rise in the number of house plants people are purchasing. House plants can give the places in your home new life. Some plants are also chosen because they reduce the amount of pollution that comes from the outside. If you live in a big city with a lot of pollution, you may want to study this tip well.

The most popular houseplants are

  • The Chinese evergreen
  • The snake plant
  • A maidenhead fern
  • A Moss Terrarium
  • A jade plant
  • And succulents

The plants that can clean the air in your home are:

  • The spider plant
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Heart Leaf Philodendron
  • Aloe Vera

Vision Boards to Keep you Looking Forward to the Future

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If you don’t know what a vision board is, then let me fill you in on this beautiful idea that is designed to help motivate you to complete your goals. A vision board is a poster, space on a wall, corkscrew board, or any flat surface you can pin or tape pictures too.

If there is something you want to work towards, either a goal or a large purchase, then you place a picture of it on the wall. The idea is that if you see the image of your goals every day, you will stay motivated longer, and you are more likely to obtain your goals.

Some people have a few pictures, and some people have dozens and dozens of images to motivate them. You can make a goal for the whole year, or you can create one for every month. Whatever you want your vision board to be and represent, it can be. It is a representation of the future you want.

If you live alone, then place your vision board in either your bedroom or on the blank walls of your bathroom. If there are several people in your home, you can have everyone’s vision board displayed on the wall of each of their rooms, or they can be all together in the living room or hallway.

Large-Quality Photos to Decorate the Walls

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If you want to add a decor that truly steals the spotlight, you can choose to hang large-quality images on the blank walls of each room. Large images will capture the attention of all your guests and have them asking where you bought it.

Whether you choose to enlarge a photo you’ve obtained yourself, or purchase quality framed pictures from the store, make sure the picture is of something you cherish deeply. And remember to match the frame to the decor of the room. If your walls have colored and not white, use color theory to match the wall with an opposite color photo. This strategy will cause large-quality images to pop and stand out more. Get show-stopping images here.

Mix and Match

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If you don’t want your home decorations to become dull, spice them up by mixing and matching the tips above. Pair a wall hanging with plants of the same color. Place a large quality photo next to your vision board for more inspiration. Experiment and try new ways of decorating so you can make your home reflect your personality.


However, you choose to decorate your home; you must follow your heart and select items that represent you. From vision boards that have you looking forward to your future, to plants that bring out your nurturing side, you need to make your home a refuge from the world. No one can be comfortable in a house that they barely know or can’t connect with. So invest your money, and your time, so you can make a house your home.