8 Reasons Why Learning to Play the Piano Now Makes Sense – 2024 Review

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How often have you wanted to sit down at a piano and play? For people who know how, that can be a lot of fun. For someone who doesn’t play, it can be frustrating. Why not move yourself from the latter group to the former?

With the aid of Neighbour Note in home piano lessons, you’ll be able to enjoy your pastime whenever you like. Consider these other reasons and see what you think; they may be just the motivation you need to schedule that first lesson.

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You Didn’t Get the Chance When You Were Younger

Playing the piano is not something that you recently developed an interest in doing. The fact is that you wanted to learn how to play since you were a child. Unfortunately, the circumstances never came together that allowed you to pursue this particular path. Even so, the desire remained present even as you did pursue other interests.

Things are different now. The barriers that prevented you from taking lessons back then no longer exist. Since the desire is still there, why not give into it and take lessons? Don’t let the fact that you’re an adult stand in the way. Many instructors are happy to work with adults and show them how they can develop the skills needed to play well.

It’s Easy to Afford the Lessons Now

One of the primary obstacles in years past had to do with money. Simply put, there wasn’t enough on hand to cover the cost of the lessons. There were other things that had to take priority. Way back when, you promised yourself that things would be different someday and you would eventually take those lessons.

Guess what? That someday is today. As you consider everything, it would be easy to fit the cost of piano lessons into the household budget. You won’t even have to skimp on any of the essentials. With that in mind, spend some time finding lessons that do fit into the budget and sign up. You’ll be glad that you did.

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There’s the Time to Devote to Lessons and Practice

Considering the fact that many of your usual pastimes are not practical right now, you’re spending more time at home. There’s only so much television or reading that you can do. The fact that you’ve been through every closet, deep cleaned every room, and donated all sorts of things that you haven’t used in years is laudable, but they no longer offer ways to fill your days and evenings. Now is the time to find something new to do. That could be piano lessons.

You’ll find that piano teachers who offer online classes tend to be somewhat flexible with schedules. That’s because many of them are not going into a music school or studio every day. Just like you, they are at home much of the time. That will make it all the easier to schedule the lessons for times that work for both of you.

It’s not just the lessons that allow you to spend your time wisely. Blocking out an hour for practice every day will also provide you with something constructive to do. The result will be feeling better about what you achieved each day and finding that sleep comes a little easier.

You Can Do It All At Home

There’s no need to go anywhere for your in home piano lessons. That means no time stuck in traffic wondering if you will get there before the lesson is due to start. Instead, all you have to do is walk into the room where your video equipment is set up, log in to your account, and wait for your instructor to arrive and begin the lesson.

Consider how much more relaxed you will be after not having to deal with traffic. It’s also nice to not deal with driving after the lesson as well. Instead, you can settle in and spend a little time practicing while today’s lesson is still fresh in your mind.

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Piano Lessons Reduce Stress

Stress is something we all face. During the current year, many people have begun to deal with types of stress that they never encountered before. Even as they do, most of their typical sources of stress remain. The result can make it difficult to maintain a sense of balance and remain optimistic.

What you need is something that helps to distract you from the stress, even if it’s only for a little while. Piano lessons taken online can accomplish that. While you’re working with the instructor, whatever else is on your mind can be set to one side. The lessons can refresh you to some degree by providing this type of respite. Even though the reasons for the stress will creep back in afterwards, the ability to step away from them for a time will be good for you physically as well as emotionally.

They Also Build Confidence

Learning something new, especially something that you’ve wanted to learn for a long time, will be good for your sense of self. The confidence that’s gained every time that you learn one more chord or put together one more piece will motivate you to keep going.

Best of all, that confidence will spill over into other areas of your life. You may feel more competent to take on challenges at work, based on how you overcame some obstacle during the lesson. Even when it comes to interacting with others, the fact that you and the instructor communicate so well may help you feel more at ease when you do meet other people.

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And to Avoid an Expanding Waistline

One of the issues that many people worry about right now is gaining weight. It’s not hard to understand. In stressful times, people do tend to eat more. The good news is that filling your time with more constructive activities means that you’re less likely to order food for delivery or raid the pantry in search of a snack.

Combine the distraction that the piano lessons provide with the way they help you feel better about yourself and it’s all the easier to stick with a sensible diet. Along the way, you’re also learning something that gives you the chance to enjoy yourself without the benefit of consuming more than you should.

Sharing Your Skills With Others

Those piano lessons are not just for your benefit. There will also be times when you get to share what you’ve learned with others. At present, it may be playing a piece or two for someone as part of a video conference. It could also be playing something while you’re on your patio and the neighbors are listening in while they relax on theirs. See what you learn as one way of making someone else’s day a little better.

Go online today and take a look at what the best piano classes can do for you. Try one and see what you think. After that first round, you’ll be ready to go the distance and finally fulfill the dream of learning how to play.