Designing Branded Beer Tap Handles: Step-By-Step Guide


Branded beer tap handles are an integral part of the branding and marketing strategy of any bar or brewery. With the original beer tap handle you will attract the attention of customers, which will increase your profits.

There are so many breweries in the market that unique beer tap handles can be crucial in promoting your brand.

Although at first glance the development of branded beer tap handles may seem difficult, the advantages of installing such models far outweigh the effort spent on their creation.

In this step-by-step guide, we will tell you what you need to do to get quality tap handles that will reflect the individuality of your brewery and help you stand out in the competitive world of craft beer.

Identify your corporate style

The identity of your brand is a set of unique features and characteristics that distinguish you from other breweries/bars and help build a connection with your customers.

Defining the corporate style is often crucial to stand out in a competitive industry.

To make it easier for you to find your style, answer the following questions:

  • What distinguishes your bar, restaurant or brewery from other establishments?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How exactly does your interior look? (These elements can be reflected in your branded beer tap handles).

Explore the tap handles of your competitors


Beer tap handles are an excellent marketing tool that can enhance the presence of your brand and make an indelible impression on customers.

By exploring your competitors’ beer tap handles, you can get valuable information about the type of beer they serve, the size of their brewery and their promotion strategies.

Thanks to this, you will be able to understand what is best to implement in your bar, and what is wiser to refuse.

Decide on the range

Yeah, well, what you serve at your establishment might influence the style of your beer tap handles.

In this case, you need to consider:

  • How many beer varieties do you plan to serve?

Depending on this, you choose the required number of beer tap handles.

  • Are you focusing on traditional brewing techniques or modern experiments?

This can also affect bar taps design.

  • What beer styles do you serve?

Different beverages need different models of beer taps.

Find the right materials


The material you are choosing for your branded beer tap handles should be selected depending on the overall concept of the bar or brewery.

The most common materials are wood, ceramics and resin. You can also find porcelain and metal products.

Wooden tap handles are ideal if you prefer the traditional rustic style, your bar is country-style or has many wooden elements. These products are produced from different types of wood, and each of them has a unique ornament.

Wood is easy to shape, so you will be able to personalize your bar to stand out from the competition. You can brand these products by engraving, burning or applying a logo/image with special paints.

If you want metal-like handles, look at resin taps. Such products are well suited for bars in the style of loft, steampunk or any other modern interior.

Resin tap handles are smooth and can visually resemble stainless steel, brass or copper. They can also be painted in different colors.

Ceramic handles are versatile and come in different styles, colors and designs. They can be easily personalized by placing a metal plate with the branding you need.

Decide on the shape and size

Choosing the right shape and size of the tap handles can significantly affect the convenience of serving your customers.

The ideal tap handle should be easy to use, lightweight, ergonomic and durable.

Why is this so important? The bar taps shape can facilitate or complicate the grip and turn of the crane. The most common models can be oval or square, cylindrical or paddle-shaped, etc.

Do not forget about the size of the beer tap handle: it should fit the size and number of faucets installed on your beer tower.

Too small or too large a model can cause difficulties in work.

  • Standard height: 9-13 inches;
  • Height of short handles: 4-6 inches;
  • Width/depth: no more than 3 inches;
  • Select a color palette.

The color of your beer tap handles should help distinguish between different beers. For example, for light varieties, you can use light-painted tap handles, and for dark beers – dark tap handles.

You don’t have to follow this pattern. You can choose a single color palette that will be combined with the interior or, on the contrary, prefer bright shades that will not go unnoticed.

Create the right branding


Beer tap handles are more than just a handy tool for hoppy beverage dispensing. With these products you can attract the attention of customers, help them memorize your range, stimulate the consumption of beer, improve the reputation of your brand and stand out from other bars/breweries.

To do this, consider in advance what type of branding is relevant for your establishment: the names of drinks or logos of beer varieties, some original images, etc.

Create the digital design of your branding:

  • Choose where branding will be placed, depending on the type of handle.
  • Choose the appropriate method of application: burning, painting, metal plate image, etc.
  • Select the appropriate style and font size.
  • Create attractive graphics and logos.
  • Include unique elements or symbols that can be remembered by your visitors.
  • Make sure that the design is readable at a distance so that customers can see the assortment as soon as they enter the establishment.

Order the production of the test model


Surely your bar needs several beer taps. However, if the budget allows, we recommend that you order sample products that you can test at your brewery.

In this way you will be able to understand whether the weight, size and shape of the product suits you, how convenient the tool is in work, whether it is combined with your interior, how well the logo is read, etc.

Make the necessary changes and adjustments

Now that you have tested the tool and finally decided on its design and functionality, you can order the necessary number of beer tap handles that will cover all the needs of your establishment.

Choose the manufacturer

As a buyer you probably wonder to whom you can entrust the production of convenient and original branded beer tap handles.

Fortunately, we know the answer. Among all the companies working with beer equipment, we recommend looking at the range of the products.

The company works with quality materials and offers a large selection of beer tap handles of various shapes, sizes and shades.

They are also ready to implement any branding that can make your beer stand out from the competition, will increase the loyalty of your customers and will promote your business.

Try and see for yourself!