The Differences Between a Head High and a Body High


The human body is very interesting to describe, but above all to observe. The way each of us reacts is particularly interesting, and each reaction is caused by an event or something we have been in contact with. The interesting thing is that each person shows the changes differently, so we can conclude that we are all different.

At certain moments, each of us felt cheerful or calm. These are situations in which the human body is moved by certain feelings or emotions. In those moments, each of us reacts differently and each of us expresses it in a different way. But at certain times, the differences in people’s behavior can also be caused by the effect of something that we consume, such as for example the consumption of alcohol, the consumption of cigarettes or layer cake strain, and similar products that can make changes in the organism. Each of the changes can be of a different character, and this is better known among people as head high and body high.

Although you may have experienced excitement at different stages and stages, or you may have experienced a different reception of information and perception, you have to admit that each time is different, especially if it was caused by something like alcohol consumption, and especially smoking. of cannabis or any other way of consuming cannabis such as through a layer cake strain. These situations are known as head high and body high, and we will explain much more about them today. Wondering what exactly they mean? We learn more about it in the sequel, but we also learn additional information that we are sure will interest you. Let’s get started!

What is head high?


We are sure that some of you have at least once heard someone say that they are head high. People often say this after consuming cannabis or a product that is based on pure cannabis, such as cookies, pies, lollipops, alcohol with cannabis, etc. But we are also more than sure that you have no idea what kind of condition it is. It is a state in which the mind is so relaxed that it gains incredible strength that is completely channeled into imagination and free thinking. This condition is special and difficult to describe, but in the sequel, we will show you how it can be felt, that is, what you feel when you are head high.

What is it that you can feel when you are head high?

When a person is head high, first of all, we have to say that he is in such a state thanks mostly to cannabis, which at the same time gives the body relaxation, but also a special feeling called head high. What do you feel in that state? In that state, you can feel calmness, great imagination, increased laughter, great humor, creativity, making internal dilemmas and discussions with yourself, singing songs that come up at the moment, and so on. Some of these things can be done in a regular positive mood, some when you are under the influence of alcohol, but above all the state of head high like this (briefly described, there are many more things that you can feel when you are head high ) you can feel when you are under the influence of cannabis.

What is the state of Body High?


After introducing you to the condition in which the brain feels full freedom once it is under the interesting action of cannabis, the next thing is to present you and the body of the state. Wondering what the state of Bodi High means? The state of Bodi High means you feel free, in the body to feel complete relaxation that is projected in various ways through the body and limbs. So, for example, you can not feel the clothes you have on you, you can feel unusual, and much more about what you can feel in a state of Bodi High we bring you in the sequel to today’s article.

What is what you can feel in the state of Bodi High?

Just like when you are a Head, so and when you are a fee you can feel certain states that are really interesting to hear, and even more interesting when you feel them. For example, many people say that you may not feel your body, you can feel like floating, as if someone helps you float, then you can feel like you don’t have hands, legs, etc. This is something that can be felt in a state of body, and you can still feel loss of feeling to other limbs, tingling in the body, circulating beautiful vibrations, and a very large number of other things. The most important thing is that in those moments you are maximally relaxed, and on the other hand you get a large amount of fresh energy.

These two conditions are nice, but you need to be careful when consuming cannabis


Everyone can confirm and agree that both head high and body high is very interesting situations that can be fun and unusual. However, despite the fact that it is interesting to be body high and head high, it is important to be moderate in consuming cannabis. It’s a great way to relax and a great way to feel something different, but too much and too often consuming cannabis in various forms and formations can lead to side effects such as potential addiction, further changes in mood, sleep, and a very large number of other effects. So do it, but be careful and moderate in your desires and habits.

These two situations, or two concepts based on interesting reactions and behaviors of the human body, are now clear to all of you. You have a detailed explanation in front of you, but also a lesson that will surely reach you and show you that moderate action is always best for you. We hope you have already had a feeling of Head Heaven or Bodi High, and if you haven’t had such an interesting situation for a long time maybe it can happen soon.