Trump Takes Pride In Doing More For Black Americans “Than Any Other President”

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Donald Trump’s presidency has been challenged with the biggest test so far, the coronavirus pandemic. There has been a huge backlash about the way the US government is handling the outbreak, and in the midst of it, Trump still finds the time to clap back at his critics on social media.

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POTUS went on a Twitter spree yesterday, going back and forth with his critics as well as supporters. One Tweet stood out though.

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Trump quoted the tweet and agreed with the sentiment, though he did give Abraham Lincoln, who famously freed slaves in America, his credit. Although, many disagree, Trump does have his fair share of supporters who do think that he’s done more for the Black American population than any other president.

The President prides himself that the Black unemployment rates reached an all-time low, however, the pandemic annulled the results since Black communities have been hit harder than any other group.