A Guide to Dryer Vent Cleaning Residential

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Drying machines cause most residential home fires. When your drying machine is drying the clothes, lint builds up in the drying vent and clogs the airway. This prevents air circulation in the duct and causes a buildup of heat in the laundry room. Lint is highly flammable, and due to the dryer’s excess heating, a fire can easily break out. To avoid this, you need to opt for dryer vent cleaning residential services.

To prevent this from happening, you need to check your dryer vent often to ensure that there is no buildup of lint. If you notice that your dryer uses more energy to dry your clothes, or the clothes are taking more time to dry, you should contact Dryerventcleaningtoday to clean your dryer vent.

What happens during residential dryer vent cleaning?

When dryer vent cleaning residential professionals come, they will first check your dryer vent to assess its situation. The professional then unplug the dryer from the power source and pushes it away from the wall to detach the dryer hose. They work with special tools for sucking out the lint from the vent.

After removing the lint from the duct, they go ahead and clean the dryer’s outer part with a vacuum to ensure there will not be chances of the dryer attracting dirt soon. The vacuum removes any leftover lint and other debris from your dryer vent.

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Is it necessary to clean a dryer vent?

When drying your clothes, the lint trap attracts only 25% of the lint from your clothes, meaning that the other 75% is trapped somewhere in your dryer vent. As you continue to use the dryer, this lint continues to build up and block the exit of moisture and air circulation. This reduces the dryer’s efficiency and makes it work harder than it is supposed to, leading to the use of more electricity.

Since the dryer is inefficient, it overworks, and this can lead to wearing and tearing of its mechanical parts. Heat buildup in the dryer also causes harm to your machine because it can damage the inner parts. After residential dryer vent cleaning, there is increased efficiency, which saves energy and makes your clothes dry fast. Since the highly flammable lint is removed, chances of a fire breaking out are minimalized because there is better air circulation in the dryer vent. The machine is also able to dry your clothes at a faster rate because of improved efficiency.

Signs it is time to clean your dryer vent

When you buy your dryer, you will notice the time it takes to clean a certain amount of clothes. If you see that the machine is taking longer to dry the clothes after some time, it is advisable to check your dryer vent. This is an indication that there is lint buildup, and you need to carry out dryer vent cleaning residential. Also, an inefficient dryer will be very hot to touch because there is little or no air circulation in the dryer. If the laundry room feels hot after the drying process or the dryer is too hot to touch, clean your vent. If you also notice that your clothes are not completely dry when they come out of the dryer, it could be due to inefficiency, and the most culprit of this is built-up dirt in the dryer vent.

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Steps for Cleaning the Dryer Vent

Veteran users recommend regular cleaning of dry-cleaning vents. Certain gadgets such as rotary bristle brushes simplify the process of cleaning the dryer vents. The following steps are important for removing lint and dust from the product.

Maintaining A Clean Lint Trap

You need to first get rid of all the accumulated lint when cleaning the dryer. After that, the area needs to be vacuumed with a crevice attachment. It removes the debris and dust that had accumulated. A dust-free trap lets the air flow more freely. As a result, any traces of arson get mitigated. So, it is important to remove the lint which is strangled with the mesh screen of the lint trap.

Use of fabric softeners and dryer sheets increase the chances of building up the residue in the mesh lint trap. You need to dip a discarded toothbrush in lukewarm and soapy water and use it to clean the mesh. After that, you should let the mesh dry out completely prior to putting it back in the machine.

The smooth flow of air in the clean lint trap helps the dryer work faster. When the running time of the appliance is shortened, the overall energy bill is also curtailed.

Wipe The Dryer Drum

The residue of fabric softeners and dryer sheets may create a coating in the interior of the machine. It may also end up choking the lint trap. So, veteran users advise people to mist the interior of the drum with a mixture of white vinegar and water every month. Then, they may leave the dryer door open for air drying.

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Cleaning The Ducts Of The Dryer Vent

A majority of the manufacturers are making use of the latest technologies to make it easier for the owners to maintain their dryer vents at home. They need not invest in professional cleaning. It is important to maintain the vent ducts, leading to the exterior of a home from the back of a dryer. Use a rotary brush for cleaning the interior of the vent piping.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Dryer Vent?

The dryer vents typically have a lot of dust, air, and debris since the clothes dryers are regularly used. Allowing the lint and dust to accumulate may lead to clogging the dryer vents. Such accumulation of dryer vents may also lead to an increased risk for fire. So, it is a good idea to call in the plumbers at least once a month to clean the dryer vent. The dryer vent cleaning may cost anything between $100 and $132 on average.

Importance Of Cleaning The Drying Vent

A dryer generally  runs for a long period, leading to a lot of wear and tear. A clean dryer vent improves the dryer efficiency. Cleaning it out regularly maintains the drying vent in optimum condition. If the dust and lint continue to choke up the vent, the heat gets trapped within the dryer which increases the risk of a fire breaking out. Also, this trapped heat may damage the internal electrical components.