Why You Should Leverage The Value Of Employee Self-Service Portals in 2024

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A majority of organizations are in search of employees who can contribute to their firm productively. However, when you have employees who are stuck in gathering the information that they require from several different places, it is then that their productivity suffers.

Thus, the need to depend upon digital tools such as employee payroll portal or ESS and to eliminate the handling of such data arises. This tool helps you store everything in one place and also avoid the fear of losing out on any important piece of information. With this, you can ensure that your employees are focusing on their core responsibilities a lot more.

There is no dearth of benefits when it comes to using an automation tool. You can read about how these tools can be of use and why you should actually leverage such tools. Click here if you wish to know more about the features of these tools.

  • Employee information will always be updated

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One of the major benefits for HRs is that they will not have to spend hours updating the information of employees. And we all know how important it is to keep updating the employee information. After all, you don’t want to be calling on a number that is out of service or switched off for good.

When you are handling the data manually, you often don’t find enough bandwidth to streamline this process. As a result, we always come across some or the other hindrances, especially when it is an emergency situation.

With an ESS, you can get relieved from this responsibility. You can give the employees their access details and they can make the changes or update information as and when it is needed.

  • Administrative tasks will be more efficient

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Keeping a check on the number of hours an employee has worked, the number of leaves that one has taken, or even the number of minutes they were out of their cabin can often get a little tedious and confusing. Well, not anymore.

Gone are the days when employees had to send a bunch of emails to various individuals in different departments. Now, all they need to do is apply for their offs in the self-service tool that your organization has invested in.

Moreover, with such tools, HRs don’t really have to run behind different employees to gather the information they need.

  • Data security will be more enhanced

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Employee information is always confidential. And we all know the documents that are confidential require high levels of security. When you give paperwork to employees, the chances of them damaging the paper, misusing them, or losing their documents are high. When your organization digitalizes the paperwork, it becomes easier for you to ensure data security.

You can migrate the data to the cloud that is password-sensitive. You can also restrict the number of people who will be able to access the employee information that is stored in that area. Advancement in technology is definitely to be leveraged here.

  • Employee morale improves

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While it is true that self-service tools are the ones that help HRs handle the payrolls, employee information, and attendance more easily. But it is also true that there are several features that even employees can use. These are mainly collaboration tools that the workforce can use to discuss their ideas and work towards the effective completion of the project. This helps employees work as a team.

Also, when you use such tools, you can make use of the calendar feature that will remind you of birthdays, work anniversaries, and many other employee milestones. This helps employees and managers to interact socially. With such social interactions, your employees feel like a part of the organization and are motivated to offer more valuable contributions to the business.

  • Saves cost and time

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Employee self-service portal is cost-friendly in terms of both time and money. Without the payroll portal, almost half the time of the Human Resource Department of any organization is spent on sorting and process employee information or finding solutions to their queries.

As you put your trust in a payroll portal, you can help HR managers play a very minute role in such administrative duties. Instead your HR managers can now put their focus on many other important tasks and work on improving their productivity.

They can also start working on ensuring an improved work environment of employees and find ways to save money on costs that are workforce-related.

  • High chances of information accuracy

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When you have an intermediary, lots of important pieces of information can get lost in translation. There are also high chances of duplicate entry. This is where an employee portal can do wonders.

If you give your employees access to their digital records, it increases accuracy as they have control over reviewing and editing all the data that have been stored under their name.

By giving access, you give employees the authority to update their information including addresses, certifications, phone numbers etc. It also means that employees have one source of information and it elminiates confusion among them and stakeholders.

  • Ease of compliance reporting

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Laws and regulations by the Government in regards to employee wages are constanty changing. It is important to keep a track of these changes and also of that of the reporting requirements.

You’ll find that the regulations such as OSHA, EEO, and FMLA have significant requirements.

With the right digital tool, you can avoid potential fines, lawsuits, and penalties. It also makes sure that you make less mistakes when it comes to these laws. You can always invest in the digital tool that helps you track as well as automate reports that are offered in the right format.

  • Manages all the significant benefits

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A lot of time is spent on routine benefits administration by the HR leaders and professionals, especially in the small businesses.

With an employee self-service portal, you can easily track important information related to employee benefits. The information could be related to employer and employee contributions, payment history, coverage details, and more.

This software also helps employees keep a track of their eligibility, participation, and statements for retirement, benefits, or saving plans. Employees can also view and choose a benefit program for themselves such as health savings, dental insurance, and more.

Employee portal makes it easy for employees to navigate their benefits with ease. It is often suggested to have one employee portal that allows employees to review all the information like benefit status, pay history, balances, and more.


There are several benefits that employee service tools bring with them. It not only helps you improve efficiency at the workplace but also ensures your data is secure and that the morale of your employees is at an all-time high.