Everything you Need to Know about Esports Betting

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Video games are one of the most popular ways of pass time in not only teenagers but also adults. As we develop more and more in visual and graphic design video games become more and more lifelike. Even though the community of esports is vast and has many followers, we cannot compare it to real-life sports competitions. As in any sport, there will always be guesses of who will win.

So why not take the opportunity? Betting on sports results is well known, but not many people are familiar with the possibility of betting on the outcome of the online video game tournaments which are being regularly organized. Whether you are playing to earn some or just to enjoy the game, be sure to know your bases.

It is less known that esports as such came to around 40 years ago. One of the first tournaments that were organized was a tournament in one of the most famous games ever, Space invaders by Attari in the 80s’. Tournaments became a thing, and the struggle to include video games in sports came to be. Signature game of the 90s’, Counter-Strike, was one of the first which has a tournament organized and perceived as a sport.

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Esports stands for electronic tournaments, live video game competitions which can be followed by people in real-time. Its practically the same as any sports event, except the players are virtual. Many famous video games such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Overwatch have regular tournaments and players involved in the competition. You can easily track them down and follow the game itself.

How does betting work? It’s essentially the same as betting on regular sports matches. In a sense, you pick a game and guess who will win. Easy, right?

Well, before you dive into it there are some things to be reconsidered. Firstly, it is preferable to be familiar with the demands. Make sure to do your research; get familiarized with games, types of players, teams, and tournaments you are willing to bet on.

You will greatly benefit from the knowledge you have if you have played the game, so in the beginning, try to pick games you played since you know how they work and what to expect. This will allow you to make and assume strategies and be more punctual in predicting the final outcome of the individual matches.

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As in every game, odds need to be in your favor, be sure you place your bet only when the odds are satisfactory. Yes, big numbers of possible win can be leading you to click that bet button but do it with caution. It is preferable to choose offers that are safe rather than being misled and losing great amounts. Of course, deals can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker to be sure a reliable and trusted one. Some may have special offers for new members, for such check https://freebets.ltd.uk.

There are multiple types of bets and this also needs to be on your mind when playing. Individual bets as the name states are the ones when you are betting on a single player amongst the two facing one another. If you choose a future bet, you are assuming the overall result of the whole tournament.

For example, if there is a tournament playing, and multiple teams are facing one another till two best teams are facing in the final battle, you can use individual bet to assume the winner of individual fights or you can use future bet to assume the overall winner. Sometimes, there will be odds in the game that favor one team over the other due to some specific in-game advantage for the specific team. Bets in these cases are referred to as handicap bets.

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When betting you need to be careful and avoid certain traps that can be stepped on. Sometimes all-time favorites on bog tournaments will be taken from the throne by younger and more prosperous players. Due to the development of the games and constant upgrading, this is not unexpected.

This is not so common but it can happen. Especially when the new team is not well known and you are not familiar with its tactics, statistics of wins and overall success. As in real-life sport, newbies can beat a player with more experience; you can call it beginners luck, but a win is a win, and this one can be costly if the bet was not placed accordingly.

Sometimes players will switch teams, similar to basketball players signing the contract with different teams and changing them over the course of years. Be aware that the leave of a good player can damage the team, but also, the new members will take time to fit in no matter how good players they are. These changes can affect the outcomes and also change the odds in favor of the opposite team.

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Once your research is done and you have found what you want to bet on, there are some terms that are worth mentioning so you can follow the game with ease and without confusion. One of the most commonly used terms is a ban and it means that the characters have been prohibited from being used in-game due to their special abilities or for the game to be fairer for both teams. As in real life, if the word buffed is mentioned you know that some enchantment occurred, it can be done upon a character or a spell. So before laying back and relaxing, be sure you are familiar with the terms.


People bet on esports results not only for the benefit of winning money. There is so much more than that. Every game requires research of the players and their game plan, the strategy they will use and the advantages and disadvantages of the teams, individual differences and the game itself. It’s all about the community, friendship and the thrill of the bet itself. Good luck and may the odds be in your favor.