Five Best Medical and Health Trade Shows to Attend

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Medicine is one of the most complex industries in the world. There is a different branch of it for almost every part of our bodies, as well as of other species. Doctors and other experts spend years perfecting their skills in order to help the patients. To help them and to allow them to improve even more, there are a lot of different trade shows and fairs in various places on the planet.

Trade shows serve to help people from a certain field meet and connect, in order to make their professional lives easier. It is amazing to share your experiences and knowledge with colleagues who come from far away countries. This benefits all participants, because you might learn how to better do your job, or perhaps help someone else do their job better.

These countless medical and health trade shows are located all around the world for anyone who wants to experience the novelties in medical industries. However, not all of them are worth visiting because no every show offers as much as the best ones. In this article, we will tell you about the five of the best ones, according to Read the list below to learn more about them.

Five Best Medical and Health Trade Shows:

  1. CPhI Worldwide

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Alongside other local events such as ICSE, InnoPack, P-MEC and FDF, CPhi Worldwide festival presents one of the best medical trade fairs in the world. It hosts north of 45,000 visiting medical and pharmaceutical professionals from every corner of the globe. It lasts for three days. In 2018, it was from October 9 until October 11 in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

This year, 2019, it went on from fifth to seventh November in Frankfurt, German, and next year in 2024, it will take place in Fiera Milano, Italy, from October 13 to October 15. More than 2,500 exhibitors from 153 countries gather at the show to display their products and services, and network with one another. Best of all, you can attend more than 150 free industry seminars at this event and expand your knowledge on topics you have never thought of before.


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MEDICA World Forum for Medicine takes place every year in Dusseldorf, Germany. It usually happens in November. The 2024 event will be from November 16 to November 19. It has been one of the best places to be for medical experts for over 40 years. MEDICA is unique because it is the largest medical trade fair in the world.

It spans across 17 halls, and houses more than 150,000 visitors and 5,100 exhibitors from 70 countries. Every year, lead individuals from business, research, and politics fields are guests at this high-end event, together thousands of international experts from the medical sector. Meeting them and listening to what they have to say will be an unforgettable experience.

  1. Arab Health

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The Arab Health medical and health trade show takes place in the United Arab Emirates, in the amazing city of Dubai. Usually, it is scheduled for the last days of January. This year, it lasted from 28 until 31 January. In 2024, it will take place from 27 to 30 January. This show is the largest gathering of healthcare and trade professionals when the MENA region is concerned.

The 2018 edition welcomed more than 4,100 exhibitors and companies, as well as more than 84,400 attendees from 160 countries. What is more, a great number of business, leadership and Continuing Medical Education (CME) conferences fill out the calendar during the four days of this show. If you participate, you will get in touch with the latest updates and insights into the most innovative procedures, techniques and skills available today.

  1. IDS Dental

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The International Dental Show is the leading global trade fair in the dental community, and one of the largest dental trade events in the world. Taking place in Cologne, Germany from 12 to 16 March 2019, this trade show offered exactly 2,305 exhibitors from 59 countries.

These experts showcased their latest products, procedures, developments and trends in the always improving dental industry. Every time, more than 155,000 international trade visitors come to learn and have a good time doing what they love. The next one is scheduled for 2024, from 9 March to 13 March.

  1. Messe Integra

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The last one we will mention is the Messe Integra. This is an exhibit located on more than 14,000 square meters. It is a biennial trade show, which means it happens once every two years. At this event, more than 240 exhibitors from all around the world gather to develop their skills further, trade secrets, and get insight and new perspectives.

In 2018, more than 100,000 visitors came to the show. Once here, you can find products, services, and exhibitions from medical, health care, nursing, rehab care, and rehabilitation fields. The event takes place at the Wels Exhibition Centre in Wels, Austria. This city has a strong reputation as a great city for fairs, evident by the increasing number of visitors every year. The next Messe Integra fair is set to start on 22 April 2024, and last until 24 April.

Closing Word and Conclusion

This has been the list of the five best health and medicine trade shows and fairs available. Most of them have an upcoming edition in 2024, while some are scheduled for 2024. One thing is certain. They are the places to be for anyone whose job involves any kind of medical practice, no matter if you are a surgeon, a dentist, a veterinarian, or a nurse. For more information, visit

The amount of talent present at these gatherings guarantee that you will be a much better and more accomplished professional than before. You will also surely meet potential business partners, colleagues, or contacts who might help you in the future. All aspiring young people who see themselves as practitioners of any sort of medicine should try to book a ticket to one.