How To Get Temporary Phone Number In US To Receive SMS Online


With the advancement of mobile technology, such options as temporary phone numbers are becoming increasingly popular among internet users. It is one of the best tools for protecting your online privacy while also increasing the effectiveness of your internet marketing strategy. These phone numbers are also way cheaper than physical SIM cards from cellular providers. However, even though now such numbers are available in almost every country in the world, those ones issued in the US have been in the greatest demand for many years. Find out how to easily take advantage of them with reliable receive SMS online platform.

Definition of a temporary number

A temporary phone number has the same technical characteristics as a real one because it also works with a real SIM card. So it has the same number of digits as well as the same dialing code. As a result, it is almost impossible to distinguish between a temporary and a real phone number. However, there are some distinctions.

The main one is that a temporary number is used over the internet. It is absolutely unnecessary to have a mobile phone. Since such a number is linked to an online server, users can activate it with any device that has an internet connection by using specialized online services. Because of this, there is nothing wrong with using that tool while located anywhere.

Another distinction is that usually such a phone number cannot be reused. Most often anyone can only receive one verification code with it. It should undoubtedly be taken into consideration before employing it. Once an account is created, it cannot be logged in again if accidentally logged out or something else. Though it may be critical in certain cases, it significantly increases security as each number can only have one owner for the rest of the time.

Popular use cases


More and more use cases for temporary numbers emerge as time passes. In fact, they are suitable for performing any task on the internet. But most commonly they are used when it is needed to:

  • Sign up various for websites and apps. This is the most popular way of operating temporary phone numbers as they allow people to circumvent limits on the number of profiles they can have. You can use them in unlimited quantities to create an unlimited number of accounts at the same time.
  • Increase online privacy. Complete confidentiality is another benefit that temporary numbers bring to the table. It is there because of two straightforward reasons: they leave no history on the internet and cannot be tracked with the help of any software that exists at the moment.
  • Promote business on the web more effectively. Many businesses that sell their services online are familiar with temporary phone numbers. They attract more attention from potential customers by creating numerous accounts on social networks and forums with their assistance.

These are only the most popular use cases. Temporary numbers are also actively used when it is necessary to upgrade the affiliate program, use bonuses for newcomers on the same platform multiple times or sign up for an account on a suspicious website or app without taking any risks.

Complete accessibility


Being available to use temporary phone numbers is what makes many newcomers stuck. Some of them think that this feature is accessible only by those who have special permission, software, or anything else not available to regular people. But the truth is that it doesn’t work like that. Temporary numbers can be accessed and used by any person in the world regardless of their social status, financial capabilities, etc.

As it was mentioned previously, in order to take advantage of them, it is enough to visit an appropriate online service. Those work over the internet all over the world and don’t implement any restrictions on users at all. Everyone can proceed to them and create a fully operable account that will give access to all their features. Below is a full explanation of how to do this.

Obtaining a temporary phone number with SMS-Man


Temporary numbers are intended to be a tool that is easy to get. This is why SMS-Man allows anyone to take advantage of them in just a few clicks. It offers temporary phone numbers to get SMS from over a thousand popular online services such in more than a hundred countries including the US. To use it, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account on the service mentioned above and verify it.
  2. Replenish the balance with a suitable payment method.
  3. Select the US as issuing country of a temporary number on the homepage of the platform.
  4. On the same page choose the online service with which you want to register.
  5. Click the buy button to obtain a temporary phone number.

Well done! You have just received the US temporary number to receive SMS online. Everything that remains to be done after this is to put it to good use. There is nothing difficult about it. It goes the same way as with real mobile phone numbers. In addition, there are no limitations on how many numbers everyone can get. So, once done with the previous temporary phone number, you can get and use another one right away.


These days it is not difficult at all to get a temporary number issued by a cellular provider in the US. This feature is offered by a lot of websites and apps on the internet. None of them require users to perform something difficult or complicated in order to take advantage of it. Moreover, its cost is also constantly getting lower and lower due to high competition between providers. Right now it is possible to use it only for $0.50 while just several years ago the price of a temporary phone number from the US was at least a few dollars. So using them is definitely a good decision at the moment.