Can You Get a Good Skin Drop from CS:GO Matches

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We all know how valuable some of the CS:GO skins are, so we can stop but imagine owning some of them. Although most of them are being acquired by the opening of the boxes, some people get lucky and get an item dropped from their matches.

As we have all witnessed, the items that drop at the end of the game are usually worthless common skins or graffiti pieces. However, some people experienced the impossible, and have gotten a Dragon Lore for themselves.

You are surely wondering what are the chances to acquire such a valuable item. For that reason, we have made this article that explains the drops in detail. In addition, you will be informed on how to acquire the skins you like, even if they don’t drop on you.

Regular drops

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The drops at the end of the game are a rewarding mechanism for the time you have spent playing. However, the items that drop differ depending on if you have leveled up, or they dropped regularly after a match.

If you are being rewarded after a regular game, the item is usually a box. Although they are usually not really valuable, if the case is new, its price can be high. This usually happens when an operation drops, so the cases in the first few days can cost a couple of dollars.

For that reason, even if you don’t want to purchase the operation, make sure you play more during these days to secure yourself at least one valuable case.

Things to consider

There is another factor involved in the type of case that you get, and that is if your game has been bought, or you have gotten the free version. While previously you could’ve reached prime by playing, it is now mandatory to purchase the game to acquire it.

The pool of items depends on your account. Regular players usually get one group boxes, while prime people get others, who are usually more valuable.

Keep in mind that you are being limited to a maximum of three cases in a weekly time frame. If you have acquired them, the only thing you can get is the reward for leveling up.

Rewards for leveling up

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When you reach another level, or when you acquire the amount of experience required for the next step, the game rewards you. On this occasion, the items are skins or graffiti that you can use in the game.

The skins that drop whenever a person levels up are usually common and inexpensive items. However, there is a chance of getting an item that can be worth around two hundred dollars. There are collections, in which skins are put in a pool and being randomly dropped. Although this looks perfect on paper, the chance of getting something good is low.

You need to understand that you cannot get the best AWP in the game, or the Icarus M4, because their collections are not a part of the dropping pool. They can be only acquired by direct purchase, or by opening the boxes.

When it comes to graffiti, they are usually cheap, with the most expensive option of around ten dollars. They don’t serve a huge role in this game, but they are just a filling mechanism. However, there have been teams who have used their graffiti for covering places for bomb-throwing placements.

Operational drops

When an operation is being released, various items come with it. This is the best chance of getting something nice, since the skins are new, and they all have their prices bulked on the marketplace.

Alternatives for acquiring the item

If you are in love with a specific skin, and you can’t wait to get it as a game reward, there are other ways to acquire it.

The first thing you can do is open up some cases in which the item belongs to. If you don’t have luck with that, there are a couple of other options as well.

You can begin with some of the items that you own, and begin trading with other people. Do this until you reach the point where you get the item you wanted. By continuing the trading process, you can achieve even more items in the future, but there is always a risk involved. Make sure you are being careful and you should be good.

Lastly, you should consider purchasing the item. This is the easiest way of acquiring the skin that you have wanted. There are a couple of places where you can purchase the item. Firstly, there is the Steam marketplace, where the prices can be up depending on what the other players list their belongings for.

It is maybe better for you to consider visiting the websites where you can purchase every skin possible  because the skins are usually priced lower. Check out this site and see exactly just how many Steam items they actually offer.

What are the chances of getting a good skin

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The chances of getting a good drop are slim. While you will be getting at least two or three items in a week, they are all usually worth under 0.10 dollars. For that reason, you should not be waiting for something good, but play for fun, and if you get lucky, great!

In general, from one year of playing time, people make around ten dollars of item drops. This is nothing compared to the worth of the good skins. However, you can sell all the small items and get one that you will surely enjoy playing with.

How to increase your chances

Since we have explained how the drops work, it is easy to understand how the chances increase. The chances are increasing as much as you keep on playing. If you can, purchase the operation, and play it through to earn as many valuables as possible.

There will be periods with basic skins and periods around the operation release where you can get the nice items. So, the answer to the main question is yes, you can get a good skin drop from a Global Offensive match, although the chances are relatively small.